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Defensive leader?

Jooch : 9/9/2019 5:59 pm
Who here also believes that one important piece missing in our defense is a leader. That one or two guys who consistently make plays and whom the other teammates look up to and are inspired by?

I remember in the 80s we had all kinds of them, Taylor, Banks, Reasons, Marshall, etc. Changing of the guard saw it go from them to guys like Michael Brooks, Jessie Armstead, Michael Barrow. Then Strahan came into his own and later Antonio Pierce then Justin Tuck and Antrell Rolle. Those guys may not all have been pro bowlers every year but I remember they were a force not only on the field but in the locker room. Some didn't start out that way but they grew into the rolls of leaders and I think it helped the guys around them play better than maybe they were capable of playing...simply by being in the presence of these leaders.

That is another thing this team has lacked for awhile now. I thought Landon Collins was going to be that guy but then the powers that be saw him go to Washington. We don't seem to have any defensive player at this point who can guide this defense on and off the field as a player. Someone who can push the other guys to be better. A leader. Someone who boosts morale by the way he plays and conducts himself off the field as well. I hope we can find a guy or guys like that soon, or a couple of guys already on the roster develop into those rolls.
Don't count out  
Gatorade Dunk : 9/9/2019 6:00 pm : link
Tuzar Skipper.
Les in TO : 9/9/2019 6:06 pm : link
Leadership or lack thereof is an important reason we have been in this drought
I remember when we had Jessie Armstead. Players used to say that  
Ira : 9/9/2019 6:08 pm : link
you didn't want to go to the defensive huddle and face him after missing a play.
Definitely not  
Coach Red Beaulieu : 9/9/2019 6:22 pm : link
Vernon, DRC, Snacks. Ugh our psl shakedown paid for that.
Jessie had some motor and played  
GiantsUA : 9/9/2019 6:36 pm : link
with passsion.
RE: Definitely not  
Gatorade Dunk : 9/9/2019 7:04 pm : link
In comment 14569068 Coach Red Beaulieu said:
Vernon, DRC, Snacks. Ugh our psl shakedown paid for that.

No it didn't. It's amusing how you keep repeating that even though you clearly don't know anything about it.
Ogletree and Bethea, I guess.  
Big Blue Blogger : 9/10/2019 2:51 am : link
Theyíre captains, which is supposed to mean something, right?

As bad as Bethea looked on Sunday, Iíll give him a Mulligan. He was herding cats out there.
Itís going to be a long season  
Tuckrule : 9/10/2019 6:27 am : link
Youth in the secondary combined with zero pass rush is a recipe for disaster. Canít blame Bethea even though he looked every bit his age heís mainly here to line these guys up and just help them along. This week should be a nice test for this defense. We arenít facing the skill guys we faced last week I expect a better effort.
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