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NFT: USMNT v Uruguay

AndyMilligan : 9/10/2019 8:24 pm
Nice chance by Boyd minute 22. Just turned it on.
Mine enthusiasm for this game was completely sapped against  
Zeke's Alibi : 9/10/2019 8:31 pm : link
the shit show that was the Mexican game. I completely forgot it was on. Another embarassment would be good to get Greg the fuck outta here.
Looking at the lineup this is probably one of Greg's better jobs  
Zeke's Alibi : 9/10/2019 8:38 pm : link
considering who we have available.
So Uruguay isn't going to press us? Man they really don't give a shit  
Zeke's Alibi : 9/10/2019 8:42 pm : link
and Greg will look like a genius with a 1-1 draw. Never really had any thoughts on them before but I fucking hate Uruguay now. This program makes me so fucking angry.
Berhalter An Uninspired Choice  
Jeffrey : 9/11/2019 8:25 am : link
He is a "system" coach who strongly believes in his approach to the game. There's nothing unusual about that in any sport, but unfortunately for USMNT, we do not have a program from top to bottom that teaches any particular system. So the choice for Berhalter going forward is to decide whether he will (or can) adapt the system he prefers to the talent we have. Early returns are hard to judge given that he has not yet had the full roster to use. When Brooks can play and Tyler Adams, it might be a better time to judge.
This men's team is so dull  
Ryan in Albany : 9/11/2019 8:32 am : link
and boring to watch in comparison to the USWNT.
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