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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/11/2019 3:41 pm
QB Eli Manning -- September 11, 2019

Q: The Bills did a good job of getting pressure on Sam Darnold on Sunday, is that something that is their characteristic?
A: Yea, I think they do a good job of bringing pressure, different pressures, kind of faking dropping out and get you playing zones. Your first reads, you are going to have to hold the ball a little bit and get some things down the field. They did a good job of calling things and getting the offense in some tough plays. We have to be sound on our rules and our protections and even some of the third downs they converted were tight and close, itís third and five and they are just getting five. I think they do a great job on third down and they do a good job on first and second down, causing incompletions and causing some disruptions.

Q: You have had some slow starts in recent years, is there any urgency that you donít want to start 0-2 again?
A: There is always urgency, you have to understand the difference between stressing and forcing, and urgency. I think itís still a matter of having great preparation, great work, it starts on the practice field. Understanding the game plan, going out there and executing.

Q: When you went back and watched the film, what did you see on third down. Two for 12 is not ideal, how do you guys get better in those situations, and what do you think was the cause of some of those issues?
A: Every third down is going to be its own story. Some are in a 2-minute, third and short we didnít convert on some of those. A couple were third and 17ís, every one has its own story. Itís just a matter of executing better on those plays, some the Cowboys had some good play calls. Some we have to do better on first and second down to get us in a better position and stay away from penalties and things like that, that backed us up. Itís just a combination of a lot of things, just executing better is probably the gist of it.

Q: No offense wants to be down 28-10, is this offense maybe more handcuffed by that?
A: 28-10 is never good for anybody. I think itís just one of those days where five of the first six possessions, we moved the ball really well, we had the one three and out on that third possession. The other ones we moved it, we were close to getting into scoring range or field goal range and then got stalled out or went for or had some circumstances that prevented us from going. Thatís the way football goes, you have to finish drives. After that we had some penalties, we got into some third and longs, I think no matter the circumstances we have to move the ball and obviously you want to keep the games closer where you are in it in the fourth quarter and have a chance to score and take leads and sustain leads.

Q: How difficult is it when you get behind? Obviously your main weapon, Saquon, is mitigated, you canít just hand the ball to him.
A: It just depends on the circumstances. Obviously we have to keep him involved, heís a playmaker. If you can run it and get 10 yards, itís the same as throwing a pass, it doesnít make a difference from that aspect. You have to make some plays and get the ball moving forward. Obviously, you hope to stay in games and score more points early to have a lead going into the second half. Then we can focus on getting him the ball even more.

Q: How conscious are you of his touches as the game is going on?
A: We donít worry about touches. We worry about execution and moving the ball. Obviously, you have runs where you guarantee him getting the ball and you have passes where you can get him the ball or he might be first in the read on some and some are, hey, they covered him up and we are going to other guys and getting the ball down the field.

Q: There is chance you might not have Sterling this week, what do you lose if you donít have him?
A: You would lose a playmaker and a good player for us. We will see what happens, but we have other guys that can step up and make plays.

Q: Does it make you feel comfortable knowing those other guys have been there and done that?
A: Cody, Bennie and Russell Shepard have been in the offense, they all played last year. They know what to do and have made plays for us.

Q: When you pick and choose plays on Thursday and Friday, do you ever sit there and say letís get rid of the roll out plays?
A: Coaches call the plays and we discuss it and go over things off looks. We discuss things and always have a good plan. Sometimes the defense calls different looks and can call good plays also.

Q: How comforting is it having someone like Evan Engram to throw the ball to?
A: Evanís done a good job, heís always been a playmaker for us. Heís worked really hard on his game, on understanding the offense and being accountable for everything. I think he has done a good job this whole offseason and into training camp, he played well the other night. We need him to continue to do that.

Q: Heís kind of a unique weapon at tight end, isnít he?
A: Yea, he can run, he catches, he did a great job in the blocking game. I think heís so much more comfortable in the offense and itís his second year in the offense and he is doing a great job.
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