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So how many wins is this sucker team getting?

nyg9298 : 9/15/2019 5:43 pm
I am beyond pissed off watching this team for the past few years. I never thought I'd hear the things coming out of my mouth thI neat I did today. I swear to God they might get LUCKY and win 1 or 2 games. No way more than that.

What happened to this revamped offensive line? I thought Shamur was an upgrade over McAdoo? What the hell happened? Been a fan for this long and never been embraced. This is worse than the 70s!
I still think 5  
arniefez : 9/15/2019 5:56 pm : link
They'll get a few late meaningless wins with Jones playing to screw up their draft slot and save Shurmur for another year or 2 year of 6-10ís or worse. The Mara bros will tell us they have total confidence in Gettleman and like the chemistry and continuity of Shurmur and Jones. The DC and most of the D coaches will be fired and nothing will change anytime soon.
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