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Post-Game Transcript: LB Alec Ogletree

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/15/2019 6:23 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Bills) Transcripts: LB Alec Ogletree -- September 15, 2019

Q: You seem a little up beat, Janoris seemed pissed?
A: Iím pissed for sure. I hate losing, the way we played the first half, that wasnít us, it was terrible. I understand him being pissed, Iím angry as well, never discouraged because I know we can make plays like we did in the second half. Itís a matter of coming out and doing that for the whole 60 minutes.

Q: Do the older guys need to step up and carry the young guys while they are getting their feet wet?
A: Everybody has to hold their own weight. We canít do each otherís job, I have a job to do, the young guys have a job they need to do as well. We expect them to carry their own weight, just like us. Itís also up to us to make sure everybody is doing their job.

Q: One of the things Janoris said was, they canít cover guys for eight to ten seconds, the pass rush isnít getting there?
A: It all works hand in hand. If we donít cover well, then the pass rush wonít get there. If we donít rush well, then we canít hold in coverage that long. It takes all 11 of us to get the job done. Itís not we need more out of this, we need more out of everybody.

Q: How do you assess what the frustration level is?
A: Everybody hates to lose. If you like that, you wonít last long in this league. As a defense, we didnít play up to our standards that first half. The second half, I thought we played really well. When you lose, nobody likes to lose, everybody should be angry that we are losing. We have an opportunity to continue to work and write our own story. Everybody is pretty much going to write us off after 0-2. We know what we need to do in this locker room, we have to get the job done and itís up to us to do that.

Q: What did you do to get pressure in the second half?
A: We just executed the game plan really well. We were able to get pressure on him and get some sacks in there. I wish we could have had some turnovers, we had some balls in the air that we should have got but we didnít get them. We need those things, but we just adjusted at halftime and guys were receptive of it and we went out there and executed well.

Q: So you made changes, you didnít just do the same thing?
A: Yeah, we had to make changes. What we were doing wasnít working the first half. Obviously, they had three scores in the first half. For us, it was about coming in and making those adjustments and going out there in the second half and executing at a high level. I thought we did that.

Q: How discouraging is it after you have stopped them four straight times?
A: Thatís our job, to make stops when we are out there on the field. We canít look at how many times they got the ball back. As a defense, itís our job to go out there and get off the field and give the ball back to our offense. We just have to continue to do that and carry that into next week.

Q: Was seeing that field goal come off the board for the touchdown tough?
A: The field goal definitely makes it better, but we shouldnít have been in that situation. It was third and 10 and we let him scramble out, complete the pass and extend the drive. I think we had a tipped ball in the air that we didnít come down with. Things like that, it all works together. Granted, they called a penalty on Dexter for touching his helmet or something like that. We just have to go back out there and try to hold up. We didnít stop them at that time. Like I said, Iím proud of the guys for continuing to fight to the end. Now we just have to continue to work on what we did the second half.

Q: As a captain, how do you react when you hear fans are booing pretty early in the game?
A: Fans are fans, they are going to do what they are going to do. We are our own biggest critic, they are going to love us when we are doing well and hate you when you donít. For us, itís just about us continuing to focus on what we need to do.
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