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Post-Game Transcript: RB Saquon Barkley

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/15/2019 6:37 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Bills) Transcripts: RB Saquon Barkley -- September 15, 2019

Q: After a terrific opening drive, why do you think the offense wasnít able to manufacture the same type of productivity going forward?
A: Yeah, the opening drive was a great start. I donít think you could ask for any better start for the first two games that we had, but itís the NFL. Theyíre going to make plays, and the Bills made great adjustments. We adjusted off of that and I think we were able to create some drives later in the game. Weíve just got to find a way to finish on third down and finish in the red zone. We continue to start great, and as the season goes on, weíve got to continue to have that in our back pocket, but weíve just got to find a way to execute better and win games.

Q: Whatís your level of frustration and disappointment starting 0-2?
A: Itís very disappointing to start 0-2, but we still get to live another day. The seasonís not over, our chances at the playoffs arenít over, but you canít keep having that mindset. Youíve got to come in and attack it, weíve definitely got to execute better, weíve got to come to practice, weíve got to practice at a high level. Everything weíre doing, just try to turn it up a notch just so we can take care of the rest of the games in the season.

Q: What adjustments did the Billsí defense make after the opening drive?
A: Theyíre a very great defense. You could see it out there, a little more downhill, a little more focused on our run game. Thatís life, thatís where weíre going to be probably the rest of the seasonóa lot of teams are going to try and focus on our run game and take away the running backs, but hey, thatís part of it. I think the linemen and the wide receivers and Eli (Manning) did a great job of answering, but weíve just got to answer better and weíve got to execute better. It just comes down to execution, itís that simple. Every team that won today, I bet you they executed better than the other team, and itís just that simple. It comes down to Xs and Os, and weíve got to be better now.

Q: Why do you think itís such a struggle on third down in particular?
A: Weíve got to be better on first and second down. Weíve got to be better at not getting penalties. When we get penalties, weíre having drive killers, weíre putting ourselves backóthird and 11, third and 10óthe defense is playing at the sticks. Weíve got to find ways to be better on first and second downs, but even if weíre in a long third down situation, or short third down situation, weíve got to find a way to execute and capitalize on it.

Q: What would you have said if I told you in the preseason that this offense would have scored 20 points and be 0-2 in the first two games?
A: I wouldíve said youíre lying, to be completely honest, because thatís how much confidence I have in this team. Not just in the offense, but the defense and the special teams, and my confidence is never going to go away. It never will. My belief in this team, it never will. Weíve got to believe in each other. Thatís what we did in the second half of the season last year, we got back to team football and just playing for one another. If we can continue to do that, get back to that, I think we can turn the season around.

Q: How much did it hurt to come up empty in those two possessions at the end of the half?
A: It definitely hurt, coming up empty, not being able to put points point on the board, but I think we came out fast in the second half. We talked a lot in here, we addressed the situation, be we just didnít go out there and execute. Thatís just what it comes down toóexecution.

Q: Does anything need to change with this teamís mindset?
A: No, I donít think so. Iím not concerned about the mindset, Iím not concerned about the belief, Iím not concerned about the confidence, Iím not concerned about anything. The only thing weíve got to do is execute better. Itís a simple game. Thereís a lot of things that go on, thereís a lot of moving parts that go into it, but at the end of the day itís a simple gameóitís football. Itís whoever executes better. All weíve got to do is just continue to believe in each other. Weíve just got to turn it up a little notch. We started off 0-2, weíve got to get back to the drawing board and be realistic with each other in the locker room. I think weíve all gained that respect from each other where we can be realistic.

Q: Were you guys your own worst enemies in the first two games?
A: I would agree. I donít like saying that because itís taking away credit from the other team. I would never take credit away from the other team because those two teams played amazing. They did a better job and they got the win, but a lot of it is on us. But, it comes to the point where we keep saying itís on us, and it is, itís on us, but we canít just keep talking about it, weíve got to go out there and do it. Weíve got to go out there and stop making mistakes, get back to playing Giants football, what Giants football is known for. I think thatís the message weíll have for the team this week, to play Giants football, and hopefully we can do that next week.

Q: Is your message about execution up to every individual in here?
A: Yes, of course. Everyone is held accountable when you lose. Itís team football. Thatís the beauty of it, you win together and you lose together. All three phases of the game have got to play better. All three phases of the game have got to be better. If the offense played amazing and your defense not very good and you lose, it doesnít matter what the offense did. Defense could be amazing and the offense not so good and you lose, and it doesnít matter. Offense, defense could be great and you donít play great on special teams and you lose, doesnít matter. Itís team football, so everyone is held accountable, everyone has got to come back and have the responsibility and belief to challenge one another, and it starts in practice, it starts tomorrow. It starts in watching film, breaking it down, getting rid of it, and moving on to Tampa.

Q: What message d you give to fans after starting 0-2?
A: The message I would give to fans after starting 0-2 is, we started 0-2. I donít know what they want me to say, I apologize, I guess. My concern is more getting everyone in this locker room right, being a leaderóIíve got a ďCĒ on my chest for a reason, weíve all got ďCsĒ on our chests for a reasonógetting this locker room ready and getting this team back on the right path.

Q: A lot of people use the term ďItís still early.Ē When does it become not early, in your opinion?
A: Thatís a great question. Iím not a big believer in ďitís still early.Ē Iím not going to lie, Iím not a big fan of that saying, but you have to understand that is the case in the NFL because itís a marathon. Itís 16 games. I donít like believing in that because I donít want to get caught into that, but itís true, itís a long season and itís early, but if we figure it out right, then we can laugh back at these games when weíre competing for the playoffs, but if weíre not, then we can go back to these games and address it, like these two games we didnít address it. So, itís early in the season and weíve got a long ways to go, but weíve got to address the situation now and continue to get better and try to get another win.
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