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Post-Game Transcript: WR Bennie Fowler

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/15/2019 6:41 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Bills) Transcripts: Bennie Fowler III -- September 15, 2019

Q: Did you hurt your ribs?
A: Yeah, it was a nice little shot on the sideline, a great hit. He hit the ball as I was catching it… which was by my ribs, yeah.

Q: Are you okay?
A: I finished the game- of course!

Q: What’s your take on this team? You’re 0-2, you’ve had two series where you’ve gone down the field and scored and then it’s been falling behind by too much.
A: We are starting off very fast and this offense obviously looks different than it did last year. We’re starting off, we’re scoring points, and we’re moving the ball down the field. In the red zone, we have to finish. That’s the only thing I would say: third downs and red zone, we have to finish. We’re showing we’re capable of moving the ball, so, that’s the thing I that would say that we need to work on as an offense.

Q: I know you don’t want to feel sorry for yourselves, but is there a point at which you wonder how many receivers are going to get injured on this team, even going back to the preseason, training camp, now Cody [Latimer]?
A: No. We’re not going to feel sorry for ourselves; this is a man’s game. Next man up, we’re going to have to come out there and make plays. This is what we get paid to do, so regardless of who’s out there. Eli found a lot of receivers today, so we just have to continue to step up and make plays.

Q: You have a lot of big catches, what do you guys need to do to make a fourth-quarter comeback? You came down minus seven- what do you need to do to get a win?
A: We just have to keep going. We showed that we can move the ball as an offense. We just have to finish drives with points. When we get down there in red zone, we can’t have penalties. We’ve got to finish for touchdowns. We can’t finish with field goals.

Q: What’s it going to take to get a win in Tampa next week?
A: All hands on deck -- special teams, offense, defense -- we’re all going to have to play well. We’re all going to have to step up to the challenge. It’s going to be hot down there, so we’re going to have to go down there and make plays. We just have to take it one play at a time.

Q: Barkley really got going, do you feel like when he gets going, it allows you guys [WRs] to get some one-on-ones?
A: Absolutely. [He’s] the best running back in the league, so anytime we can get the ball in two-six’s hands, he’s going to make plays. We just have to continue to get the ball in his hands and take advantage of the opportunities when we get them.
AcidTest : 9/15/2019 6:42 pm : link
did his part. Tough player.
His drop cane at a crucial point in the game ....  
Spider56 : 9/15/2019 7:54 pm : link
He needs to make that catch.
RE: His drop cane at a crucial point in the game ....  
BamaBlue : 9/15/2019 8:25 pm : link
In comment 14578532 Spider56 said:
He needs to make that catch.

He didn't drop it... he got the ball knocked out on a very big hit. I's give him a pass on that one.
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