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Thoughts on Josh Allen?

BurberryManning : 9/16/2019 1:41 pm
I'd be curious to hear thoughts and impressions on Allen having now had a chance to see him play a full game, first hand.

Granted, the Giants' pass defense leaves much to be desired and Allen missed on some throws but I thought I saw much improvement from a QB that was billed as wildly inaccurate and too quick to run from the pocket.
He is ok  
BleedBlue : 9/16/2019 1:42 pm : link
You and I could pass on the Giants right now

The defense is all over the place with little Continuity and it shows
Seems like they are using him  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 9/16/2019 1:42 pm : link
Like Cam Newton which is fine, but not the way to survive the NFL.
looked to still be pretty inaccurate to me  
ron mexico : 9/16/2019 1:43 pm : link
That deep ball with a wide open WR was pretty comical. But he is an impressive scrambler / runner. Nasty stiff arm.
That one third down play near midfield  
Metnut : 9/16/2019 1:44 pm : link
where he scrambled and then through a bullet on the run to extend the drive was really impressive.

We'll see how he looks versus tougher competition, but I'm rooting for the kid. Also worth saying that yes Schurmer deserves a lot of slack because our roster is awful, but McDermott has done a hell of a job in Buffalo keeping them competitive with awful rosters himself. They might be onto something there.
Great arm  
arniefez : 9/16/2019 1:44 pm : link
good size and speed. I'll let you know in two years or another 30 games whichever comes first.
RE: Seems like they are using him  
ron mexico : 9/16/2019 1:44 pm : link
In comment 14580460 BigBlueDownTheShore said:
Like Cam Newton which is fine, but not the way to survive the NFL.

Go Terps has the blueprint. Just keep shuffling through running QBs. They are not that hard to find these days.
I thought he was pretty sharp throwing the ball  
Sneakers O'toole : 9/16/2019 1:45 pm : link
He has the arm but the accuracy also showed up .  
Bluesbreaker : 9/16/2019 1:45 pm : link
He can run some as he did last year but
to me its too risky .
The improvement was that he was playing our defense  
widmerseyebrow : 9/16/2019 1:45 pm : link
and his receivers didn't have anyone within 15 yards of them probably half a dozen times yesterday. Even then the receivers had to adjust.

The guy has zero touch and that was the only reason the Giants defense had any stops. Just overthrowing wide open guys on third day.

I will credit him for "juking" BJ Hill out of his shoes to effectively close out the game.
He made some plays with is feet yesterday, and some very decisive  
gidiefor : Mod : 9/16/2019 1:45 pm : link
throws, particularly in the first half. I thought he played pretty well.. He was my favorite QB in that class FWIW and I do think he's going to be a good one
Don't like the designed runs  
KevinBBWC : 9/16/2019 1:45 pm : link
for him. Would try to limit a QB taking hits as much as possible.
I think he may always struggle with accuracy  
bigbluehoya : 9/16/2019 1:47 pm : link
but what he showed yesterday as far as poise and mental command of the offense was a ringing endorsement for letting your young QB play right away, take his lumps, and create a whole mess of game tape for the offseason.

Small sample size against a terrible defense but there was definitely significant growth.
Personally I thought he looked very good. Young  
Blue21 : 9/16/2019 1:48 pm : link
second year QB looked pretty good to me. He is going to have to slide at the end of some of his runs if he's going to survive. Like his mobility the way he ran for a couple of first downs and the TD but he's going to have to stop some of those plays where he runs until he's tackled.
that arm makes you defend the whole field  
HomerJones45 : 9/16/2019 1:49 pm : link
and he is starting to play with some confidence. They also went out and got Brown and Beasley. I think they got something cooking up there.
The Giants D  
David B. : 9/16/2019 1:50 pm : link
Is making everyone look like Troy Aikman this year.

Allen played better than against the Jets, but I'm still not sold on his accuracy, and I think when he (inevitably) loses his legs to injury, he'll really suffer.
AcidTest : 9/16/2019 1:51 pm : link
missed the open TD to Brown by a country mile, but made some incredibly accurate throws, including on the run. He's big, mobile, tough, and getting better. He also has a terrific stiff arm as someone noted.
Heís the white Cam Newton  
RUNYG : 9/16/2019 1:56 pm : link
Heís inaccurate but I do like him. I can see him winning games even if itís not the prettiest stat lines.
Been watching him since he came into the league.  
Red Dog : 9/16/2019 2:00 pm : link
He's getting better, making better decisions, making some more accurate passes, but still running too much, not sliding when he should, and will probably continue to tempt fate until he gets injured as a result of a run.

When he gets some better players around him, he's going to be really tough to defend. Buffalo's WRs aren't much, their TEs are crap, and their OL rebuild is behind the G-men's.

Looking like a major draft win to me - far, far better player than Rosen, and better than Darnold at this point, too.
Toolsy but inconsistent guy  
AcesUp : 9/16/2019 2:01 pm : link
I think he'll see a similar trajectory to Trubisky. Bills will surprise this year and people will talk him up before tearing him down in year 3 when he doesn't really progress. He'll make plays but I don't see him being a guy that a franchise can hang their hat on for 10+ years. Cam is probably his ceiling as player.
Like him  
Lines of Scrimmage : 9/16/2019 2:02 pm : link
He is great for Buffalo especially late in the year.

Let's remember he was only recruited by one college and needs lots of work. But you see improvements and there is lots of upside. Buffalo is looking to build a great defense and then a run-oriented big play offense. Seems like he is a great fit for them.

Truthfully, he was who I wanted.
AcidTest : 9/16/2019 2:05 pm : link
biggest problem with Allen is that he has an injury history from college, including a broken collarbone that was fixed with a plate and screws IIRC. He also doesn't know when to slide as someone noted. Lots of QBs with big frames think they can take any amount of pounding, but that is wrong.
he was better than Eli  
Dinger : 9/16/2019 2:06 pm : link
But he is worse than Jones, because if Jones was in, we would have won.
He's better than I expected.  
Section331 : 9/16/2019 2:11 pm : link
He was still off on throws that were completions, and prevented the receiver from getting extra yards, but he showed good pocket presence, and made some nice throws. Unfortunately, none were into tight windows, as that would require receivers to be covered.
I know it against our defense  
Nine-Tails : 9/16/2019 2:12 pm : link
But he did make some great plays. The tools are all there. I think thereís a good chance he ends up the top qb from last years class
I thought Allen was the best quarterback in the 2018 class  
GeofromNJ : 9/16/2019 2:12 pm : link
Lots of commentators and fans questioned his accuracy, but I think eventually he will demonstrate that he can make all the throws. This, together with his size, athleticism, and leadership, will make Buffalo a force for a long time. The Bills haven't had a winning QB since Jim Kelly. Now they have one.
Accuracy is like speed  
ron mexico : 9/16/2019 2:14 pm : link
cant teach it
He appeared  
noro9 : 9/16/2019 2:21 pm : link
to be the better quarterback on the field yesterday
He was good  
Big Rick in FL : 9/16/2019 2:26 pm : link
Against a horrible defense. Against a decent defense the week before he had 4 turnovers including a pick 6.
Better than Eli at the present  
jamison884 : 9/16/2019 2:31 pm : link
But I think DJ's career will be much better in the end.

Allen was pretty bad during most of his rookie year and never equaled DJ's impressive initial play. Yes it's preseason and all, but DJ was essentially perfect besides the fumbles, where he can be coached to improve via drills, technique, film study, and improvement of pocket awareness over time.
RE: He appeared  
Nine-Tails : 9/16/2019 2:32 pm : link
In comment 14580598 noro9 said:
to be the better quarterback on the field yesterday

He was by decent margin
He is much  
mdthedream : 9/16/2019 2:56 pm : link
better that Eli and he is going to be a fine QB great size. athletic and a big arm.
he had  
mdthedream : 9/16/2019 2:58 pm : link
630 rushing yards and scored 8 tds.
He looked good, but that said....  
Johnny5 : 9/16/2019 3:19 pm : link
... even this QB would have a perfect passer rating against the Giants defense right now.

Still looks awkard and sloppy throwing  
Coach Red Beaulieu : 9/16/2019 4:17 pm : link
doesn't have DJ's machine like precise mechanics.
RE: Better than Eli at the present  
Coach Red Beaulieu : 9/16/2019 4:19 pm : link
In comment 14580620 jamison884 said:
But I think DJ's career will be much better in the end.

Allen was pretty bad during most of his rookie year and never equaled DJ's impressive initial play. Yes it's preseason and all, but DJ was essentially perfect besides the fumbles, where he can be coached to improve via drills, technique, film study, and improvement of pocket awareness over time.

DJ could also use another year of bulking and strengthening up, another factor to consider. Doe like build at Duke, but I would like him more in the Eli/Peyton build.
Toth029 : 9/16/2019 4:23 pm : link
Like his game a lot.

Still growing as a passer but his ceiling is crazy high.
A lot of players are looking good agisnt the Giants, hell  
SterlingArcher : 9/16/2019 4:56 pm : link
Jason Witten caught a TD pass on this defense!
loved the qb sweep for a TD  
gtt350 : 9/16/2019 9:21 pm : link
don't see that every day
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