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Monday Media Transcript: DL Dexter Lawrence

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/16/2019 3:58 pm
DL Dexter Lawrence II -- September 16, 2019

Q: What happened on that field goal penalty?
A: They said I hit the guy, I guess, too much. Then they threw the flag.

Q: I assume you know that rule and didnít think you were breaking it?
A: Yeah, I didnít intentionally try to hit him. I was just trying to cross his face and get to the other gap, but Iím big so I take up a lot of space. I just so happened to hit him.

Q: Did you think that was a raw deal you got?
A: A raw deal? Well I guess he felt like the guy was in danger, or something like that, with his head downó so he just threw the flag.

Q: A lot of people actually look at that penalty and say, Ďyou know what, even though itís written in stone, maybe they should let up on it sometimes.í Like a play like that which there is no harm done.
A: I donít have anything to do with that. I know what I have to do, and I try to do it to the best of my abilities. I hit him a little bit, so thatís their job to throw the flag if they feel like they should throw it.

Q: You personally seemed to be in the backfield a lot on the pass rush. Do you feel like you took a step in the right direction?
A: I am just trying to get better. I want to pressure the quarterback, I want to get sacks, so thatís my intention when I step on the field. Just do what Iím good ató and thatís wreak havoc and make plays.

Q: Has this adjustment in the first two games and the development been slower, faster, about the same, or more difficult than you thought it would be?
A: I donít know. I think Iím pretty prepared just from what Iíve been going against in practice in the offseason. Those guys got me ready for the regular season. I feel like itís just me going out there and just proving it and showing it.

Q: You can see it coming?
A: Yeah, Iíd agree with that.

Q: Youíve been in a program that doesnít lose a lot, is it kind of an adjustment to lose?
A: I mean I have lost before. Itís just not to keep letting it happen. It has to stop somewhere. It just takes everybody believing, the whole team in all three phases, special teams, offense and defense, believing that we can win and believing in each other. Getting a team morale and just going out there and playing football.

Q: The first six quarters of the season werenít that great, but in the second half yesterday, you guys, as a defense, played better. Did you feel that way?
A: Yeah, we felt that way. You have to start like that. Even in between the beginning and the end, in the middle you have to play like that as well. Itís just about consistency.

Q: How much trouble did you guys have once (Buffalo Bills Quarterback) Allen got outside the pocket? It seemed like on the run, maybe you flushed him out a couple of times, but it seemed like his mobility gave you guys some trouble.
A: We just have to work on our edges. We all have to continue our responsibilityó cage him up, keep him in the pocket, get him a little bit uncomfortable. Little things like that we have to work on. Thatís just with our rush discipline.

Q: Are those plays frustrating? Do you feel like, Ďoh, we did our job we flushed him out of the pocket,í but then he makes a play on the run?
A: It happens. Like I said, it just comes to the front just not putting all of that stress on the back seven like that. Thatís when they start making up their routes. Thatís on us to cage them in and keep them contained.

Q: Do you scratch your head on third downs? Because the other teams are getting almost 50% against you guys.
A: Yeah, thatís definitely a focal point that we need to improve. Getting off the field on third downs and not extending drives. We addressed it, and now itís just up to us to fix it.
Here's my question  
RollBlue : 9/16/2019 4:08 pm : link
why in hell is he going across the center to get to another "gap" - there's no time for that on a chip shot FG. He should have been driving the man across from him back and putting his hand up. Again, to me, another case of piss poor coaching.
RE: Here's my question  
KeoweeFan : 9/16/2019 5:57 pm : link
In comment 14580851 RollBlue said:
why in hell is he going across the center to get to another "gap" - there's no time for that on a chip shot FG. He should have been driving the man across from him back and putting his hand up. Again, to me, another case of piss poor coaching.

If the man across from him is the Center, by rule he is not allowed to even touch him for one full second; he cannot drive him back at the snap.
Thus he had to slide across the Center, and the refs said he touched the center while doing that.

Dexter had at least 3 blocked kicks at Clemson; he knows what he is doing.
The man across from him was  
RollBlue : 9/17/2019 1:15 pm : link
not the Center, it was the RG. Dumb to move over to the right prior to a push. By rule you can't line up over the Center.
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