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Great Heart Felt Article From Steve Serby RE: Eli Manning

Chef : 9/17/2019 7:32 pm
From the New York Post... I thought is was great.
Steve Serby and his thanks to Eli Manning - ( New Window )
Nicely done.  
bceagle05 : 9/17/2019 7:38 pm : link
This was always going to be a somber day, whenever it happened.
Normally I think Serby is a pretentious cornball hack  
jnoble : 9/17/2019 7:46 pm : link
...but I'll give him his due, that was a nicely written tribute
Nice one  
DavidinBMNY : 9/17/2019 7:48 pm : link
Thanks for sharing.

It is wierd, but it feels better to celebrate Eli's past success, and distance it from the current failure.
Thegratefulhead : 9/17/2019 7:49 pm : link
Every word of that
Very well written  
jvm52106 : 9/17/2019 7:59 pm : link
and very true. I am 1000000% behind the move to Jones, as this is his team now but, Eli will forever be a great Giant and SB MVP HERO!
Great article  
Blue21 : 9/17/2019 8:04 pm : link
AcidTest : 9/17/2019 8:07 pm : link
Fantastic article  
Torrag : 9/17/2019 8:14 pm : link
Spot on at every point and feeling expressed.
darren in pdx : 9/17/2019 8:25 pm : link
Grateful for Eli and the memories he gave during the last golden years of the NFL. Wish it ended better but it just didnít work out that way. I donít blame him at all and will always be the greatest player on the Giants.

Both NFC Championship games were two of the best performances Iíve ever seen, and the clutch Super Bowl plays. Fuck anyone that claims Eli was lucky to win those games, he earned it.
Les in TO : 9/17/2019 8:29 pm : link
I Agree With the Sentiment  
clatterbuck : 9/17/2019 8:32 pm : link
but Serby can't write well enough to match it. Still, it's a nice tribute.
Bill2 : 9/17/2019 8:33 pm : link
Got to give it to Serby this time, that was a wonderful article. Terrific
Bill2 : 9/17/2019 8:34 pm : link
Chef. Thanks for linking that
Tears in my eyes.  
redwhiteandbigblue : 9/17/2019 8:35 pm : link
Excellent article and only the tip of the iceberg. Eli is a great MAN. How about all of his time and energy he sunk into Pediatric cancer and other children's charities. He is the epitome of a class human being and I for one will greatly miss cheering for you on Sunday afternoons.
Held off the tears all day  
BBelle21 : 9/17/2019 8:44 pm : link
until this. This is hard. I grew up with Eli.
That is one helluva beautiful opinion piece  
montanagiant : 9/17/2019 8:48 pm : link
100% correct. Thanks for posting that
Thanks Chef  
exiled : 9/17/2019 8:55 pm : link
I needed that.
Outstanding article  
Rjanyg : 9/17/2019 8:55 pm : link
Thank you Steve Serby for capturing our #10 in true fashion.

Thanks Chef....WOW!  
nzyme : 9/17/2019 8:59 pm : link
Maybe I'm biased but that was one of the best if not THE BEST send offs I have ever read for an athlete! Freaking tears in my eyes. Fantastic!
Wow I didn't realize Serby had that in him...  
JCin332 : 9/17/2019 9:43 pm : link
excellent piece...
RE: Good  
JCin332 : 9/17/2019 9:44 pm : link
In comment 14584823 Les in TO said:

Les don't take this the wrong way but just STFU...
Great article....  
Simms11 : 9/17/2019 9:54 pm : link
Very well said by Serby. This is like having to cast your old dog aside for a new puppy. It hurts, but thereís a time that it has to happen.
Great article  
Marty866b : 9/17/2019 10:37 pm : link
Loved every word and it was extremely accurate. Let's not all forget that Eli is only an injury from playing again this year. We only played two games. I hope Jones is as durable as Eli but really, no one is.
It took a long time to replace Simms  
Paulie Walnuts : 9/18/2019 12:02 am : link
I hope we dont have to wait this long for Mannings replacement

Thank you Eli
Wonderful words Serby  
Lines of Scrimmage : 9/18/2019 6:37 am : link
What a accurate testament to Eli.
A must read...  
KingBlue : 9/18/2019 6:42 am : link
This article fully expresses my feelings for, and gratitude towards, the greatest NY Giant QB of all time. Well done, Serby.
That was excellent.  
Britt in VA : 9/18/2019 8:47 am : link
That was a really good article by Serby  
figgy2989 : 9/18/2019 10:10 am : link
Excellent read.
Fuck me (again)  
BlueHurricane : 9/18/2019 11:09 am : link
This sucks.
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