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Friday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2019 4:45 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- September 20, 2019

Opening Statement (Pat Hanlon): (Cody) Latimer is the only guy thatís out. He didnít practice today with the concussion. (Bennie) Fowler was limited and heís questionable. Everybody else was full and available.

Q: Darius Slayton full?
A: Yeah, he had a good week of practice. Thereís a really good chance that heíll be available.

Q: What does his skillset bring potentially to this offense?
A: Heís displayed the ability to go and make a play down the field, which is good. Heís developed throughout the offseason. Unfortunately, he had the injury that kept him out, which would have helped him. But he does all of the things that a receiver needs to do.

Q: What are some of the challenges going against a Todd Bowles defense?
A: First of all, theyíre very fundamental in what they do. When youíre in 21 or 12 (personnel), there are five on the line. So, you have to block them. You have to block them all the time. Then when they get into nickelÖ He teaches all of the concepts. They can play a, I wouldnít call it a soft zone, but they can play a quarter zone if they choose. They can pressure if they choose. They can play man free if they choose. They arenít necessarily extremes, but they can do everything that they need to do to try to defend an offense.

Q: Having Sterling Shepard back, how much does that help Daniel (Jones) just having a steady guy like that out there?
A: Anytime you get your frontline players back, it helps. Certainly, itís not an excuse when theyíre not there. Everybody on our roster is supposed to go in and make plays. But having Shep will be a good boost for us.

Q: With all of the quarterback stuff, this kind of slipped through the cracks. Shepard, the NFL was investigating how he stayed in the game after that concussion (against Dallas). From your vantage point that day or what youíve learned since, what happened?
A: I have nothing to add to that. Thatís something thatís going on behind the scenes.

Q: This transaction kind of went under the radar with some of the bigger news this week, but you claimed a tight end (Kaden Smith). That gives you five on the roster. That just seems like kind of a lot at that position. What went into that?
A: No, he was a player that we liked in last yearís draft. We had a really good grade on him. He was available, so we grabbed him.

Q: Whatís been your message to the team with the quarterback change? When you addressed them on Wednesday, what do you say about that?
A: We addressed it on Wednesday that we made a switch, and we got back to work.

Q: You donít feel the need to say anything special about it?
A: No. We addressed it initially. It was big news, and itíll continue to be news, obviously. But we addressed it initially and we got back to work. I thought our guys handled things well.

Q: How did you feel about Danielís work in practice, getting normal first team reps?
A: I saw a week of practice thatís been very familiar to us behind the scenes. So, good.

Q: Did you have to spend additional time with him this week just getting him ready?
A: We all spent probably a little bit more time, but not really out of the realm of ordinary with Eli (Manning). We spend a lot of time with the quarterbacks, regardless of who it is. Weíre always trying to get them ready.

Q: How much do you think about the possibility that the players could look at that move and it could be perceived as, ĎOh, weíre looking towards the future nowí?
A: I think theyíre looking at this move based on the fact that weíre trying to beat Tampa Bay. Our future in this business is a short-term horizon. Thatís really what it is.

Q: Will Eli be the backup on Sunday?
A: Eliís the backup. Yup. So heíll be number two and dress behind Dan.

Q: What do you expect him to do during the game? What can he do as the backup?
A: Be everything Eli is. In this role now, be supportive, help see things, and help make suggestions like all quarterbacks do as we tweak the plan if we need to.
Everytime he talks about DJ  
Prude : 9/20/2019 8:48 pm : link

Q: How did you feel about Danielís work in practice, getting normal first team reps?
A: I saw a week of practice thatís been very familiar to us behind the scenes. So, good.

It sounds like he's saying some variation of: Just wait and see. We know what we have and the entire league is gonna know soon.

He does very little to temper expectations. He sounds like he is prefacing one of the greatest 'Told you so's in years. Hard not to get excited.

I'm psyched.
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