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Monday Conference Call: S Antoine Bethea

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/23/2019 4:49 pm
S Antoine Bethea Conference Call -- September 23, 2019

Q: What was the main difference between the first half and the second half with the defense, what had to change and what did?
A: I think it was the sense of urgency, I think itís crazy that it was the same guys out there but like you said, it was two completely different halves. I think we came out in the second half with a completely different sense of urgency. It was just tighter coverage and guys were doing their job a little bit more.

Q: What did you think of Ryan Connelly at inside linebacker after Ogletree went down?
A: I like Ryan. Since Ryan has come in, heís shown that he is a very intelligent player, good player. Downhill, makes plays, so I think with him being in the rotation since OTAís, I think with him moving to Mike (Linebacker) when Tree went down, I donít think there was really any fall off. I think Ryan stepped in and did a great job for us.

Q: Is there any sense that Jones is giving you a spark but that you have to start playing a full game or itís not going to make a difference?
A: We have to play a full game, you are correct about that. With DJ, we always canít depend on him to come and bring us back from a deficit. In the defensive room, we have to come out and start the game better than what we have been doing. We have to put a whole game together. The past two weeks, our second halves have been good, but the first half hasnít been as such. We have to start putting a full game together.

Q: Did you change up what you were doing in the second half?
A: No, the same thing we were doing in the first half, we were doing in the second half. Like I said, I just think it was tighter coverage in the second half. The pressure was getting home, so it looked different. It was the same calls we had throughout the game, we just executed better in the second half.

Q: What kind of spark did Daniel give the whole team yesterday?
A: He definitely gave us a spark. He came in and did what he was supposed to do, and then also the guys around him helped him out a lot. Evan, Shep, Slay, he came in and made some big plays. DJ came in, did a good job, did what he was supposed to do, gave us a chance to win. At the end, as everybody saw, he was able to run it in. He definitely gave the offense a spark, gave the team a spark. Hopefully we can just build off of that and rally off that energy for these upcoming weeks.

Q: Do you look at that game yesterday and say it was a bit of luck that you were able to win that game?
A: Thatís football. You can call it luck, but thatís football. Guys miss field goals. We had a lot of work to do to get to that point. The offense was able to put points on the board, the defense played better in the second half, being able to get off the field. Thatís football, thatís why you have to kick it, to see if you are going to make it. You can call it luck, you can call it whatever, but thatís football at the end of the day.

Q: What do you say to a veteran like Jackrabbit when he has a tough day like he did yesterday?
A: If you play in this league, you are going to have a tough day. Itís all about how you bounce back. If you have ever played in the NFL, youíve had a bad day, thatís what it is. Nobody has ever played in this league for how long Jackrabbit has played and hasnít had a bad day. Jackrabbit knows what he needs to do, he is a veteran, he is one of our leaders. You can expect next game that he will play better. We expect that from him and he expects that from himself.
Q: Antoine, can you cover?  
Danthebigbluefan : 9/23/2019 4:59 pm : link
A: No.

He got all this from watching the game on TV?  
trueblueinpw : 9/23/2019 5:10 pm : link
My question would have been, ďwhere were you during the game yesterdayĒ? Because it sure as shit wasnít Tampa Bay.
Q: was it possible the Bucs offensive players were exhausted from  
GiantsUA : 9/23/2019 5:15 pm : link
marching up and down the field and scoring six times in a row?

A: Anything is possible, but I think we played better the second half.
That's the best  
jvm52106 : 9/23/2019 5:20 pm : link
coverage we have seen from Bethea so far... I mean, sure theyw ere questions in conference call but he covered them all.
Should have asked  
Reale01 : 9/23/2019 5:29 pm : link
Why did you run into the middle of the field to cover nobody on the last play to Evans. Shouldn't you be aware of him as the most likely target?
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