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Wednesday Media Transcript: RB Wayne Gallman

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/25/2019 3:26 pm
RB Wayne Gallman Jr. -- September 25, 2019

Q: How do you view this opportunity with Saquon out?
A: I view it as a big opportunity, an opportunity Iíve had since I came into the league. Itís unfortunate for my brother to go out, but this is what Iíve prepared for, this is what I have been preparing for, so Iím ready for it.

Q: What do you bring to the table?
A: Hopefully I can show you that. Iím not going to talk too much about it. I know I can do whatever is needed to help this offense win.

Q: Have you talked to Saquon in the last few days?
A: Of course, after the game, yesterday, heís in good spirits. He just wants to be better, he wants to be healthy. No one likes to sit out, heís alright.

Q: What makes you know that you are prepared for this opportunity?
A: Just practice and preparation. Iíve been in the games at times, and also just from last game doing what we did, staying in the moment, itís an opportunity, I just have to take hold of it.

Q: Now knowing that you are the only guy here, what kind of mindset do you have?
A: I finally get to get some touches (laughing). Thatís my mindset. Itís all fun and games when it comes down to it. Itís another team we have to beat, another rivalry that we have. Itís a big game we have to win, so I have to be prepared.

Q: Is it hard to be compared and have to fill in for someone like Saquon?
A: I donít worry about all that. Iím me and you guys are going to see that.

Q: Do you think you can thrive on the opportunity to carry the ball more than three or four times?
A: We have a great offensive line, so Iím pretty sure there will be a lot of opportunities.

Q: Now itís you and Daniel Jones, what excites you about that?
A: He might be pulling the ball and running some. Daniel can run, so that might affect the defense in some way.

Q: Is this one of those situations where you are in a position that you didnít think you would be in?
A: Itís not so much as I thought, I never knew it would be coming. I knew at some point he could get hurt and I always have to be ready. Same thing with me in preseason, I got hurt and the other guys had to play, Rod (Smith) had to play. They had to step in and do their thing. Really, for me, itís just focusing and making sure I know what I need to do to help this team win a football game.

Q: You have played a lot of football in your career, why is this moment not too big for you?
A: Itís not so big because I have been preparing for three years for it. I was with Shane and Orleans and we split time together. Last year was big for me, a big learning experience, learning my role in the offense behind Saquon. Now, just taking what Iíve learned, I get to go out there and run the ball a couple times.

Q: What is it like being on the practice field with Daniel Jones as your starting quarterback?
A: The same as how itís been with Eli, just out there with a great guy that has a great future ahead of him.

Q: The mobility changes the game?
A: Yeah, I had that back with Deshaun (Watson) at Clemson and I can see how that affects defenses when you have a running quarterback. Moving forward, Iím excited to see how this offense is going to work around Daniel.

Q: Is it fun to get back to that a little bit?
A: It is, itís really fun. Iím glad I get to have this opportunity.

Q: How does it affect defenses to have a mobile quarterback?
A: You are not going to have a quarterback thatís just in the pocket. You have to be right on all cylinders because you have a guy that can use his legs and also me out of the backfield. He can extend plays.

Q: Do you see them freeze a little bit more?
A: They will have to adapt around that. I know Eli doesnít run like that, we havenít had a running quarterback for a long time, so having Daniel just presents a new a standard for us and how dangerous he is.
Love his moxy  
Canton : 9/25/2019 3:38 pm : link
Impressive interview  
DavidinBMNY : 9/25/2019 6:21 pm : link
If anyone remembers, when Gallman was drafted he literally commented on the meatloaf in the cafeteria. Not a tremendous sign of maturity, and not the end of the world either.

Reading this transcript, this is a player who has matured and is excited.

Very cool.
Reminds me a little  
NikkiMac : 9/26/2019 10:28 am : link
Of Tony Galbraith back in the 80s
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