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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/25/2019 3:27 pm
QB Daniel Jones -- September 25, 2019

Q: Now that youíve looked at the film, what are some of the things you feel you need to improve upon going into Sundayís game?
A: I think the main thing is ball security. I canít afford to turn the ball over twice like that in critical points in the game. I think thatís the first thing. There are other things, specific to plays, that I look to correct and learn from, but Iím excited to do that.

Q: To play four quarters of football, what do you take from it and what did you learn from it?
A: I think these wins, (with) any game in the NFL, and people talk about it all of the time, these games are going to come down to four quarters. Everyone is good in the NFL and youíre going to have to compete and try to play a four-quarter game. We werenít perfect, by any stretch, but I thought we competed for four quarters and thatís what helped us win.

Q: How important is it for you to follow-up and follow-through with what you started?
A: Yeah, itís extremely important. I think, like I said, there is a whole lot that I need to clean up to do better. Iíll focus on that, Iíll lock in on those things this week and hopefully play better on Sunday. Iím looking forward to that.

Q: Itís your chance to play your first game at home. Whatís that like for you?
A: Yeah, Iím excited. Iím excited to run out there in front of Giants fans and play my first game here. Thatíll be fun. We had some good support down there in Tampa Bay, and I am certainly very appreciative of that, but itíll be fun to run out here.

Q: Has life changed for you? Do you feel like a celebrity?
A: (laughter) Not really, no. Itís the same thing. I go home and then I come into work every day. But no, I donít feel like itís changed a whole lot.

Q: Are you aware of how much you are leading every sports show? Is your phone blowing up more? Knowing itís not going to change you at all, are you aware with how big youíve become outside?
A: Yeah, I mean I think youíre aware to some extent. Certainly, with family and friends, they will keep you aware from communicating with them. But like you said, Iím trying to focus on this week, focus on what weíre doing here and making sure that Iím preparing myself to play as well as I can this week.

Q: We see you here, we talk to you at press conferences, we see you at practices, but we saw a really fiery personality in that game in the huddles with the cameras capturing you. Is that your game personality? What did we see there?
A: Iím just trying to compete. I think everyone when they get into the game is going to feel a little bit different and get into it. I think Iím pretty consistent with that. I think, like anyone, I am competitive and certainly try to do what I can to win, so I try to be consistent.

Q: How will things change for you without Saquon (Barkley)?
A: Heís certainly a huge piece of our offense, a huge piece of what weíve done, without a doubt. I certainly hate to lose him, but Iím very confident in Wayne (Gallman) stepping up. Heís done a great job through the season and I know heíll play well. We have full confidence. We have a lot of playmakers all over the field, so I donít think it really changes anyoneís job, necessarily. I think we are confident in who we have.

Q: Did you gain any confidence winning your first game and playing like you did? People say youíre a confident guy, but did that help?
A: Yeah, I think so. Winning always helps that. But like I said, while we won, there are a number of things that we need to work on and that I need to clean up. Weíll focus on that also, but itís always easier to do that when you win.

Q: Iím sure you remember the initial reaction by some of the Giants fans when you were drafted. Are you surprised with how quickly the tide has turned after one NFL start?
A: Iím not sure Iím trying to focus on that too much, really. I certainly appreciate the support and Iím appreciative of all of the fans. Iím just trying to keep it going, try to stack a few wins together. Like I said, Iím appreciative of the support.

Q: Were you pleased with your decisions on when to run and how those plays turned out?
A: I think so. I think for the most part they were good decisions. I thought maybe a couple times I could have done a better job finding space in the pocket and getting rid of the ball. Iíll certainly work on that.

Q; How many times have you seen that play again since Sunday, the touchdown run?
A: A few times. We watched it on film, so Iíve seen it a few times.

Q: When you put on the TV or when you happen to have the TV on, have you seen it?
A: Yeah, I think I saw it maybe once on TV.

Q: You didnít change the channel?
A: (laughter) No, I didnít change it.

Q: How much did you get to know (Washington Redskins Quarterback) Dwayne Haskins in the pre-draft process, and what were your impressions of him?
A: I got to know him a little bit at the Combine, and then out in Los Angeles for the rookie premiere event. I enjoyed getting to know him. I thought he was a nice guy, and I look forward to seeing him on Sunday.

Q: Between Sunday and now, was there anyone you heard from that took you back a little bit, congratulating you or anything like that?
A: Not really. Mostly it was friends and family, people from home, people from Duke, or people I have been in contact with, for the most part. Iím very appreciative of that support and grateful for those people.

Q: What do you think the fans can expect from this football team going forward right now with you at the helm?
A: I think just that we are going to compete and fight as hard as we can. Like Iíve said, we did enough to win, but we certainly have a lot of things to correct and I think thatís where our focus is right now as a team. Each week, the goal is to be a better team and to play better. Hopefully thatís what fans see when they see us play as a teamó constantly improving and constantly competing.

Q: Do you expect to play better?
A: I do, yeah. I think all of us do. I think collectively and individually we expect to play better.

Q: If the Bucs werenít fully aware of your speed and ability to take off, they and the rest of the league know now. Does that have to enter your mind that there is not going to be an element of surprise when it comes to your running ability?
A: I donít think so. I think you make those decisions based on the specific play and how it unfolds, and what you see and feel. If their plan changes, maybe ours will a little bit. I donít think it necessarily changes a whole lot.

Q: When you watched it back, the touchdown at the end, was any part of you surprised that there really was that big of a hole, and as Tampa said after the game, that their defendersí backs were all to you?
A: I donít know if I was necessarily surprised. I thought we did a great job upfront, when youíre watching it, just clearing out the middle. The guys up front opened up a huge pocket and a huge window that I was able to see. I donít know if I was surprised, but in a situation like that, the defense can be susceptible to that. I thought we did a good job picking up the stunt.

Q: Against Buffalo, you guys had 25% in third down efficiency. This past week, you had 46%. Whatís the main reason for the difference?
A: I donít know, I feel like each play is specific to the look. I thought we did a good job just executing what was called. I thought we got a few looks that we were expecting, and we were able to execute. I donít know if there was necessarily any huge difference, just executing.
Did anyone catch this on the broadcast? I didn't  
ron mexico : 9/25/2019 3:35 pm : link
but we saw a really fiery personality in that game in the huddles with the cameras capturing you.
was this a DJ interview, or Eli?  
islander1 : 9/25/2019 3:39 pm : link
if you didn't know, could you tell? :)
RE: was this a DJ interview, or Eli?  
Thegratefulhead : 9/25/2019 3:46 pm : link
In comment 14599816 islander1 said:
if you didn't know, could you tell? :)
No, love it.
RE: was this a DJ interview, or Eli?  
Canton : 9/25/2019 3:47 pm : link
In comment 14599816 islander1 said:
if you didn't know, could you tell? :)

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