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Friday Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/27/2019 3:15 pm
CB Janoris 'Jackrabbit' Jenkins -- September 27, 2019

Q: One of the receivers you have to face this week, Terry McLaurin, has done a hell of a job in the first month of the season, what is it about him?
A: Heís fast, he has good route running ability. We just have to stay on top of our game.

Q: Do you feel like you need to get back on top of your game?
A: There isnít any pressure, Iím going to do that anyway.

Q: How do you feel like you guys got better this week as a secondary?
A: We are getting better, we understand the formations, route concepts, and like I said, we are just out here working just trying to get better.

Q: How do you guys start faster? The last two games, a bad first half, a good second half. How do you get two good halves?
A: We have to come out fast, everybody knows that. Everybody has to be on point, including myself, and just play football.

Q: Has it been you just arenít on your pís and qís in the first half?
A: It has been a lot of stuff, but like I said, we went into the film room, we watched it, got it corrected and know how we have to start. Everybody is on the same page now and we are ready to play football.

Q: I know they say cornerbacks need to have a short memory, but when you have a game like last Sunday, how important is it to come back out and have a big game next week just for your own confidence?
A: Itís just important to come back out and play football. Everybody gets paid. Like I said, there isnít any pressure. You have games like that, Iím just ready to play this week.

Q: Would you ever ask for help against a guy like Mike Evans?
A: No, I like to play football. You have to understand they are going to make some plays. I am going to make some plays. Iím ready to play football, itís a new week. Like I said, there isnít any pressure.

Q: Is there added motivation? You look at the numbers and the pass defense is the worst in the league, you arenít getting any pressure up front. Is that something that motivates you guys in meetings or in conversations?
A: Yes, it just motivates us to come together as a defense. Everybody plays faster, plays harder and just count on each other to do their job and we are going to be okay.

Q: In the years that we have known you, you have always had that one-track focused mindset. I have never seen you get really upset, never seen you get too high, either. Is that consistency very important to your success?
A: Itís important. You have to understand, I play cornerback. Like I said, they are going to make plays, Iím going to make plays, itís just how the game turns out. You just move forward, itís football, you canít defend everything, you canít knock down everything. You just go out and play football and then bounce back. Whatever happened, happened.

Q: How do you look at Case Keenum?
A: A very smart quarterback. I played with him in back in St. Louis, he was the backup quarterback. Smart guy, can make a lot of throws, he understands the offense and knows whatís going on. We just have to stay focused.

Q: Do you think you serve as an example in this situation for somebody young like Baker, that you have to bounce back from tough times?
A: Yeah, most definitely. He is going to see Sunday on how I am going to bounce back and hopefully he learns from it. Itís a teaching experience for him, going through me. Like I said, we are just ready.

Q: You have said no pressure several times, so you arenít putting pressure on yourself?
A: There isnít any pressure, I am just going to go out there and play football the way I always play football.
Everybody Gets Paid  
ImThatGuy : 9/27/2019 3:30 pm : link
... that's awesome
Strange interview  
5BowlsSoon : 9/27/2019 3:50 pm : link
But Iím glad he doesnít feel any pressure and still realizes that he gets paid no matter how he plays.
RE: Everybody Gets Paid  
Reale01 : 9/27/2019 4:08 pm : link
In comment 14602280 ImThatGuy said:
... that's awesome

I think he means the other guys are trying too. You will not win every battle. His comments after that echo that theme.
CT Charlie : 9/27/2019 4:28 pm : link
badgering by the beat reporters.
Be patient Sam Beal should be on the horizon to help soon....  
No Where Man : 9/27/2019 4:52 pm : link
RE: Classic  
jnoble : 9/27/2019 5:58 pm : link
In comment 14602351 CT Charlie said:
badgering by the beat reporters.

They really are hateable instigators
christian : 9/27/2019 6:04 pm : link
He's making 14.5M to be the guy who can go up against a good player and make it an even fight. He got torched.

I don't read that as instigating. What do you want the reporters to ask? The story with Jenkins this week is how he's going to bounce back from getting his ass kicked.
uther99 : 9/27/2019 6:09 pm : link
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