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Post-Game Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/29/2019 5:43 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Redskins) Transcripts: QB Daniel Jones -- September 29, 2019

Q: How much does mobility change the game from your position?
A: Everyone is going to have different styles, or different strengths and weaknesses. I try to use that when I can to extend plays or get out of the pocket. Yeah, I think thatís a useful tool.

Q: What was your reaction coming to the sidelines after you threw an interception on back-to-back drives?
A: I first wanted to see what happened. Obviously, two mistakes that you canít have, and costly ones. Luckily, our defense stepped up and we were able to hold them off. Two things you learn from. I was just trying to focus on the next play. Look at it, learn from it, but get back to the next play.

Q: Can you explain what happened on each of those two (interceptions)?
A: Yeah. On the first one, just someone I didnít see coming off of a receiver and he made a play on the ball. The second one was a poor throw. I left it a little bit behind him and he had an opportunity to undercut it. Two bad mistakes and certainly things to work on.

Q: Was Eli (Manning) suggesting anything after those mistakes?
A: Yeah, we talked about it. His message was just get back out there, and that kind of stuff is going to happen. Making sure moving forward weíll address the problems, but weíre moving forward and worry about the next play. Those were his thoughts.

Q: Is that easy for you to do?
A: Yeah, I think you have to be able to do it. If you canít, youíre going to struggle at times because football is going to go up and down. Youíre going to have good plays and bad plays. Certainly try to do it, and I think you have to be able to.

Q: The scramble when you avoided a sack and you shed some other guy, talk about that third down scramble.
A: Yeah, trying to see some guys down field. They got a little pressure there, but I just tried to stay on my feet and then I saw some space. I tried to get up field and get the first down.

Q: Thoughts in general about the fan reaction to you in your first home game as a starter?
A: Yeah, I certainly appreciate the support. Just running out here for the first time was exciting in front of these fans. Iím very appreciative of their support of me, of the team and itís always fun to get a win.

Q: When youíre in that third and long play with the pocket kind of collapsing around you, does it feel to you that youíre as trapped as it kind of looks to the rest of us?
A: You feel the pressure, but you donít exactly see everyone. You donít feel necessarily trapped. You just try to stay on your feet and get out of there. You just kind of take some space when you can and stay on your feet. I donít know. I think thatís an interesting question. I donít know if you can really feel everyone, but you feel pressure.

Q: Besides the physical mistake of throwing an interception, what areas of the quarterback position do you feel like you need to improve on?
A: I think thereís a lot of things. At times, I can see certain coverages, see the field better, and making sure weíre getting the ball to whoeverís the most open at the time. I can certainly do better there. Getting the ball out on time. I think all of those things. Thereís still a number of things to improve on.

Q: Does your approach change at all when the defense is clicking on all cylinders?
A: I donít think so. We need to stay aggressive, keep attacking and making sure weíre doing our part to convert those opportunities that they give us in those situations. I thought we did alright with that. I think we certainly can improve there, and weíll look to do that. But I donít think necessarily the approach changes.

Q: Last week was such an emotional win from all sides. First win. Can you describe the feeling after this one?
A: I think itís equally as exciting. Just to win is always a good feeling, and to win at home is a great feeling. They were definitely two different games, and they played out differently. But a win is a win. Like last week, weíll look at it and improve from it. But itís exciting.

Q: Just week to week in this league, two weeks ago you guys were in this building. You were 0-2 and some people were saying the season was over. Now youíre sitting at 2-2. Do you feel like this kind of stabilizes things at this point one month in?
A: I donít know if we necessarilyÖ There certainly wasnít any panic amongst the team or in our building at 0-2. I think we understood who we had. I think we understood the team. Getting back to 2-2, you feel good about it. But at the same time, if weíre going to keep winning, we have to address a number of things. We have to improve a number of things as a team if we want to keep it going. I think itís important that we understand that and like I said, keep moving forward.

Q: Did Coach Shurmur talk to you after the second interception? Did he have a message for you?
A: Yeah. Next play, just to get back out there. Kind of stay in what weíre doing and not let that affect the rest of the game, I think, is always the message.

Q: Same message as Eliís message?
A: Yeah.

Q: Can you talk about Wayne Gallman stepping in the way he did today, and how important that was for you guys?
A: Yeah, I thought that was huge. Wayne had a great game. We had a lot of confidence in him, and I think heís a really good player. I donít think anyone was surprised by how he played. But certainly, he was a huge piece of this win today.

Q: Thoughts on getting Golden Tate back this week?
A: Yeah, Iím excited. Iím excited to have Golden back. Looking forward to it, and looking forward to what we can do.

Q: As part of the crowd support and the hype surrounding you, is that something you have to consciously block out, or is it just your personality?
A: I donít think itís a bad thing to feed off the excitement or the energy necessarily. But yeah, thereís certainly enough going on on the field where you canít be thinking about that too much. Like I said, appreciative of the support.
Like I had said  
crick n NC : 9/29/2019 5:59 pm : link
Earlier, his second int wasn't a bad decision. I want him throwing crossing routes like that shep, more times than not he'll throw a good ball, and every so often that play will go for big yardage.
RE: Like I had said  
Eman11 : 9/29/2019 6:31 pm : link
In comment 14605053 crick n NC said:
Earlier, his second int wasn't a bad decision. I want him throwing crossing routes like that shep, more times than not he'll throw a good ball, and every so often that play will go for big yardage.

Agreed. I don't think he forced them or were bad decisions. A little quicker in getting the throws off and they're both completed.

That'll come with more playing time no doubt. It wasn't like he got fooled by a DB or defense.
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