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Post-Game Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/29/2019 6:05 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Redskins) Transcripts: Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- September 29, 2019

Opening Statement: Well, itís good to win a game and do it the way we did. I think our defense did a terrific job. We made a few tweaks, I donít think we made a lot of massive changes, but we made a few tweaks this week that I think settled our guys down, helped them be more comfortable, they were more disruptive, (and) we got pressure on the quarterback. All of those turnoversó my goodness. Iím not sure Iíve been around a game with that many. They did just a really, really terrific job. They were about their business this week, they kept the noise out, and I watched it. I watched their preparation this week and I really felt like we on defense this week made improvements on the practice field that then showed up in the game. Now what we have to do is continue to build on that. As you build a team, it takes offense, defense, and special teams. We certainly cannot turn the ball over like we did on offense, especially when youíre in that run-it mode. Those are two fumbles that are two scores. Against a team thatís got more fire power than they had today, those are killers. There are so many things that we can build on, but I think as a team today, my challenge to them was to play the first snap of this game like they played the second half snaps in the Tampa game. I thought our guys responded to that. Great team win. It was great to see the defense, our defense, have success. We can build on that as we move forward. I thought our quarterback, he did a good job. The two interceptions, they fell off on the post and jumped the over. Thatís something that they really hadnít done, and thatís partly on me. He made a good throw, he had a little bit of pressure, and then we caught them in man, so we tried to throw a cross and they undercut that as well. So, weíll learn from that, but I thought for the most part he battled and was gritty and did the things necessary. Him moving around helped us on third downs. I think situationally, I think we were 8 for 12 on third downs, and some of that can be attributed to his legs. The injuries, obviously (Lorenzo) Carter had the neck, so weíll see where heís at. Then (Ryan) Connelly with the knee. I have no updates on those. With that, Iíll take your questions.

Q: Breaking your season downó are you where you thought you would be when you entered the season?
A: I donít know that. This is where I hoped weíd be after today, 2-2. We will figure it out from there.

Q: As the game was going on from the sideline, did you anticipate that they might pull (Redskins Quarterback) Case (Keenum) and put in Dwayne (Haskins)?
A: I didnít know what they were going to do. Nope, I had no idea.

Q: What were your thoughts when he (Dwayne Haskins) did come in? Did you think it changed anything?
A: No, I really felt like they were going to still run the same offense that they ran with Case. Heís a really good player, and a young player, and heís got a bright future. Iím sure that he came in and executed what he would have if had he started the game.

Q: What are your thoughts on the secondary? It seems like today they had more coverage sacksó or caused more coverage sacks.
A: I donít know that. Iíll watch the tape. Anytime that you see the quarterback have to hold the ball then look around, that means you were doing something good in the backend. I thought we played much better on defense all the way around. Certainly, the secondary had a lot of really good moments.

Q: When you say tweaks you made on defense, what are you referring to? What do you think the biggest tweak on defense was that you made?
A: Iíll let the team that has to scout us figure that out. We just made some tweaks, some things, that I thought helped us, and those tweaks played out. Those tweaks worked today.

Q: We saw Danielís mobility again on the 16-yard run where he had traffic all around him. How does he escape that, how does he do that?
A: Well, itís natural, certainly. Some of that youíre born with. He keeps his eyes downfield. I donít think he ever feels like the play is lost. He has a really good sense of timing, and he learned that, and he practiced that this week. There were a couple times when his eyes were downfield, and he got tomahawked against Tampa. This week, I thought he did a good job of pushing up where that didnít happen. That would be one of his little tweaks that I thought he did a good job on.

Q: Do you consider him a fast learner?
A: Daniel? Heís smarter than all of us. I canít speak for you guys, Iíll speak for me. Heís way smarter than me. Not only is he a quick learner, but heís a fast thinker and that goes into the decision-making piece.

Q: Last week (Janoris Jenkins) Jackrabbit struggled. Today, he had two interceptions. Can you talk about how he regrouped, bounced back and had a good game today?
A: That speaks to his resiliency. He had a great week of practice and it showed up on the field. Having a great week of practice doesnít guarantee success on Sunday, but he went out there and did it. I am pleased and happy for him.

Q: How major of a role did Jabrill Peppers play in todayís game?
A: Well, that pick-six, that makes it a three-score game. Thatís good and thatís important. We got bogged down with those turnovers, and we were kind of grinding it out there for a while, so that was a big boost for us.

Q: You went for it on a fourth down early in the game. You called timeouts on defense late in the first half to make sure you had time on offense.
A: I actually thought I played that right. It was very aggressive, by the way. But I felt like I played it right.

Q: Iím not judging you, I was just pointing it out. Do you think that carries over to the team, that aggressive mindset of weíre going to go for it?
A: I donít know. Youíd have to ask them that. I felt like at that stage in the game we had some good 3rd and 2, 4th and 2 type plays that we felt good about that I read off, he called it, and executed it. You never know how things are going to play out. I do think this is an aggressive game for tough people, and I think you need it from the staff as well as from the players.

Q: After Danielís two interceptions, what did you see in terms of his demeanor? Did he continue to be aggressive as you saw it? As you talked about, heís a quick thinker and you can see the kind of adjustments he made as they ran some sets you said theyíre not familiar with.
A: I think, yeah, he stayed right in the moment. Listen, after those plays, you wouldnít have known that he didnít just throw a touchdown pass. Thatís part of his charm, heís just onto the next thing. I think thatís a credit to him.

Q: What does it say about (Wayne) Gallman that you really didnít seem to have a moment in the game there where you were like, Ďwe could have used Saquon (Barkley) thereí?
A: I think he did a hell of a job. Everybody out there had a few bad plays, but he stepped in with a heavy load and did a really nice job. Iím pleased with what he did. I thought (Jon) Hilliman came in and gave us a little something. Each one of them doesnít want to fumble the ball, and Dan didnít want to throw the two interceptions. Lost in this, I think when we look back on itó I donít think, I know, I thought the pass protection for the most part was really good. We all talked all week about (Redskins Linebacker Ryan) Kerrigan, and theyíve got other guys up front. Really in the first four games here, we have faced four really good defensive fronts. I think our guys accepted the challenge today and did a good job.

Q: What happened there at the end? There seemed to be a little scuffle in front of your bench.
A: I was talking to (Redskins Head Coach) Jay (Gruden). Jay and I are friends from way back, so we were talking and he said, ďhey, thereís a fight.Ē So, I didnít see it.

Q: What are you looking forward to with Golden Tate coming back this week?
A: Yeah, good point. Weíll get him back in and get him going. I think that group has done a good job of acting like a village, and everybody trying to do their part. We had a lot of substitutions in there and getting guys in there. I think (Wide Receivers Coach) Tyke (Tolbert) does a good job of making sure guys are in for the right plays, but then when they are in there for just basic plays, knowing what they are doing. So, weíll get him back in the mix and get him going.
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