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Post-Game Transcript: LB Markus Golden

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/29/2019 6:15 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Redskins) Transcripts: LB Markus Golden -- September 29, 2019

Q: How similar was the stuff you did in the second half last week? You also said you saw a difference in your guys during practice.
A: I can't give you all of that man. No, but coach and them just telling us what we need to do and go out there to fix our mistakes and we haven't been able to do it. We've been hard on ourselves at practice, running around there being hard on each other by making sure we're doing our assignment and it's starting to pay off.

Q: How much does the coverage in the secondary helping you guys up front in a game like this?
A: Always, always. That's every game. We aren't going to get any sacks if we don't have any coverage and we're going to get any interceptions if we don't have any of the rest. It's a team sport, that's what everybody has to remember. It's a team sport and you need everybody to be able to get after that quarterback.

Q: What is it about the way you play that allows you to get the takeaways today?
A: Just flying around and making plays. The ball was in the air. Most turnovers come on tipped balls. When that ball tips, you have to be able to grab it. I feel like we did that today.

Q: The way you're playing with whatever changes you made, is this the something you think you can carry into the rest of the season now and play more like you did this week rather than how you did the first three?
A: Yes. I have to think like that. I have to stay positive. I have to think like that because we're doing it, so I feel like we can keep it going if we keep working together and keep pushing each other, but most of all, keep working hard. Everything will be alright.

Q: Turnovers
A: It's big. Any time you can stop them from getting points and take points off the board from them or take the chance from them to score a touchdown, that's big time because the offense can come out and get a touchdown and go up by even more. That was big for us.

Q: That can change the momentum too?
A: That's big time. A lot of momentum can get the defense hyped and feed off and hold onto the offensive side, too.

Q: How was the first drive when they switched quarterbacks with (Dwayne) Haskins in? Does that change up the way that you guys prepare when there is a different quarterback under center? Does that throw you a little bit as a defense?
A: It depends. Haskins is a little bit mobile. But it didn't change today. We were just out there getting after the quarterback. No matter what, the plan was to rush and get after him. I felt like we were doing that.

Q: How key was it for the Giants to have a defensive performance like they did today?
A: It's a big key. It's big time. Anytime you can come out and perform together at a high level, it's motivation for everybody. You get to watch the film, watch everybody flying around. I felt the energy. Everybody was celebrating and having a good time. That's always good and it's always good for everybody to feed off.

Q: Two weeks ago, Jackrabbit (Janoris Jenkins) in this locker room said what he said about, if I remember correctly, about pass-rush needs to get there more. That could have been a moment where the team argued or had some fighting. It seems to have galvanized the defense. It seems like it went the other way.
A: It didn't man. That happened two weeks ago, so we're going to leave that over two weeks ago and move on.

Q: I'm saying, did it spark you?
A: Me and the team come motivated. If you're in the NFL, you better be motivated or don't come. It's the NFL. Everybody wants to be in the NFL. If you need that to motivate you, then you might as well not even be here. So, we were all motivated to go out there and work together and make plays. That's what it's about.

Q: This is what you guys had in mind then, hand in hand pass rushing?
A: Always. Always. That's football for you. It will never change. It will always be football. It's a team sport. You have to get out there and get after it, together.

Q: I think you guys got off to a faster start after really struggling those first three weeks in the first half especially.
A: We were really just doing it in practice. We were hard on ourselves in practice. This week in practice, when we first started, we were out there flying around and telling each other from the beginning that we have to fly around. So, it carried over to the game.
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