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Post-Game Transcript: CB Janoris 'Jackrabbit' Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/29/2019 6:29 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Redskins) Transcripts: CB Janoris 'Jackrabbit' Jenkins -- September 29, 2019

Re: bounce-back game for Jenkins individually and the defense as a unit
A: We played great. We played all around great football: defense, special teams, offense. I just think we started fast this week and we kept our feet on the gas.

Q: Personally, last week, obviously you struggled. Today you have the two interceptions, what does that feel [like] for you- you talked a lot about letting it go?
A: I just played football, man, like I told you last week. Ainít no pressure; you have games like that. I came out this week and worked in practice, critiqued what I did wrong last week, and I came out and played football.

Q: How does it feel to get rewarded for that hard work?
A: It feels good, it feels good. Like I said, itís a team win all around: offense, defense, [and] special teams. Everybody playing fast, everybody wants the ball and trying to make plays.

Q: Is there a part of you that feels like youíve answered some of your critics?
A: All I read about is whatís going on in the locker room. Outside noise, I hear it, but I donít think [about it] too much. Like I told you, there ainít no pressure, itís football. Youíre going to have a good week, youíre going to have a bad week, itís just all about how you bounce back.

Q: The feeling in the locker room as compared to after Game Two?
A: Itís a good feeling. We finished the first quarter, now weíre on to the second quarter Ėweíve got to see how that goes. Just come out, to see the work (inaudible).

Q: What you said here, two weeks ago, do you feel like that was a turning point? What you said after the last home game [against Buffalo]?
A: Two weeks ago, what [did I say]?

Q: After the last home game when you saidÖ?
A: Man, we arenít worrying about two weeks ago. Weíre worrying about whatís ahead of us.

Q: But it seems to have sparked guys. Whatever you call it: you called out guysí leadership, whatever it was, it seems to have sparked these guys.
A: If you want to call it that, all I know is that guys came to work each and every day and they played football.

Q: For you guys defensively, how important was it for the offense to come out [to start the game] and get that touchdown?
A: We wouldíve had to come up with a stop if they didnít get it. The offense has a lot of confidence in us and Iím glad theyíre playing great. We just have to keep playing the same way and we are looking forward to the rest of the season.

Q: What did you see on the first pick [for you]?
A: For me? They tried to hit me with a little double move, playing a little out-and-up, I kept my eyes on my man and just turned up the field for it {for the interception].

Q: What about on the second one?
A: I just think he threw it blindly to [Vernon] Davis because he looked like he was about to block, so it hit me in my hand and it looked like he wasnít even ready for it. Up front, our guys got after him and he [Dwayne Haskins] threw it quick and threw it high.

Q: When a rookie quarterback comes in, do you feel like you have a chance to take advantage of this a little bit?
A: When a rookie comes in, you get excited, but at the end of the day, itís the NFL; you never know how they can perform. You just have to be on your toes and play football.

Q: You guys are playing a rookie quarterback [in Daniel Jones], can you tell a big difference between Daniel [Jones] and Dwayne [Haskins]?
A: I just love my quarterback; I donít want to do any comparing, I just love my quarterback with the way he played, came out and how heís undefeated is awesome.

Q: What happened at the end there with Jabrill [Peppers] and Landon [Collins] at the end of the game? It looks like they got into it a little bit.
A: I donít even know, to be honest. I wasnít even over there, but Iím sure it wasnít anything that major. Iím sure theyíll talk about it later, call each other and apologize, but it is just part of football.

Q: Do you still talk to Landon [Collins]?
A: Oh yeah, I talk to Landon all of the time. I wish him well, wish him the best and stay in communication with him.

Q: What did you think about Jabrillís [Peppers] pick when he picked that ball off?
A: Heís a playmaker; we know that. Itís just all about getting the ball in our hands and when he got it in his hands, you see what he can do.

Q: What about the defense as a whole? You guys were under fire those first two games of the season, after the Cowboys and Bills games, it was like ďAre they going to be able to stop anybody?Ē and now you just held this team [Washington] to three points. How did it turn so quickly?
A: We just believed in each other; like I said man, keep playing football, understand what is coming and what is not coming, and just continue to play football.

Q: Coach [Pat] Shurmur said you made some tweaks on defense. Can you explain what you guys did to kind of slow down this offense?
A: itís just a little tweak, nothing major; me on the left and [DeAndre] Baker on the right.
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