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Post-Game Transcript: S Jabrill Peppers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/29/2019 6:31 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Redskins) Transcripts: S Jabrill Peppers -- September 29, 2019

Q: Talk about your interception and how good does this win feel?
A: It felt good, we had a great week of preparation, I watched extensive film because I wanted to take the challenge of guarding Vernon Davis real personal. I recognized the set, I knew they liked the over routes out of that formation. I trusted my gut, slipped underneath it, he tried to get it out, I switched my arm and saw nothing but daylight in front of me, it had to be six.

Q: There was so much emotion after the game, obviously you are wearing 21 as well, talk me through what was going on after the game and what you were exuding emotionally?
A: Itís a division game, itís definitely more personal, but thatís just football. I have the utmost respect for those guys, especially Landon, itís all love. When you are playing football, you have to tap into another dimension so you can be the player your team needs you to be. I just didnít turn it off quick enough and I donít think he did, either. Nothing serious, itís all love.

Q: Talk about what you were able to prove, getting that big play, with you coming in here, stepping into his role?
A: I wasnít really thinking about it like that. I just wanted to keep letting the game come to me. I knew the chance for me to make a big impact play was going to come eventually. Coach Bettch is doing a great job of putting guys in spots to make the plays. I feel like we were cleaner this week, we still had a couple busted coverages, but they didnít capitalize off of them. I just really wanted to come in here, settle down and let the game come to me. Itís a division game, I didnít want to get too riled up and just do what I can to help my team win. As a defense, we definitely played amazing, Jackrabbit, Connelly, two picks, itís crazy how itís all coming together and we arenít even at full strength yet.

Q: What was your reaction to Haskins coming in after Keenum was struggling?
A: We didnít really look at it too much differently, we knew they had to simplify things for him. Other than that, we just stuck to the game plan, they werenít going to switch too much. We kept playing
Giant football.

Q: What was your impression of Haskins?
A: Heís a great quarterback. I think down the line he is going to be real big for them. I feel like today we just had a great game plan, executed that game plan and at the end of the day, thatís all that matters.

Q: Talk about your pick-six and how loud MetLife Stadium was?
A: I couldnít even hear it, I was just so zoned in. That was the first one of my career, I tried to do the wall hop but I was little tired, I couldnít quite make it. It was great that we could make a big play like that on defense. Help the offense, spread the margin out a little bit, and we kept playing phenomenal defense after that. We just have to keep this going.

Q: Coach Shurmur pulled you in for a hug and you had an exchange of words, can you share with us what you guys said?
A: I said thatís one of the reasons you guys brought me here. Iím going to make you look good, that was the basics of what I said.

Q: How important is it for the Giants to have a defensive performance like today, four turnovers, as the season progresses?
A: Itís very important, especially in todayís league, itís a passing league. You have to be solid on the back end, the front seven did a phenomenal job as well. I think the interceptions are overshadowing the job that they did. They got pressure on him all day, that made our jobs a lot easier back there on the back end. We just have to take this, break down the film, get it corrected and build for the next one.

Q: You had talked this week about big plays you had hoped to make earlier in the season that werenít there for whatever reason, what does it feel like to actually come through with those big plays?
A: It definitely feels good. I have to go out there and make more. We are 2-2, we canít feel ourselves too much, thereís a long season ahead, we are going to see those guys again. It definitely feels good to get a division win.

Q: Did you feel like you had something to prove, the defense wasnít playing well, Landon was coming in here?
A: Absolutely, I definitely felt like this was great game for me to come out here and prove myself, maybe change the narrative a little bit. Me as person, a player and us as a whole defense. I feel like we did a great job of that today.

Q: After all the talk of comparing you to Landon and the big trade, how much more motivation does that give you today?
A: I donít need any of that to be motivated, I motivate myself. I have this chip on my shoulder. Regardless of what anybody else says, Iím always going to be motivated. It might add more fuel to the fire, but Iím always going to come out there and play like my hair is on fire.

Q: What caused that thing at the end of the game on the sideline?
A: Itís all love, thatís just football. I respect those guys, I respect what he (Landon Collins) did in his career. Itís just football, thereís nothing to it.

Q: There was some trashing talking going back and forth?
A: Yeah, you know how that goes.

Q: Was that going on throughout the game?
A: Yeah, we were talking throughout the game.

Q: You guys are on opposite sides of the ball.
A: You mean specifically me and him, no. Like I said, itís just football thereís nothing really to it.
great game, Jabrill....  
Britt in VA : 9/29/2019 6:39 pm : link
keep it up.
Was I the only one when Peppers had that pick 6 & other plays  
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 9/29/2019 8:21 pm : link
Who spontaneously burst into singing Sargent Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band?
RE: Was I the only one when Peppers had that pick 6 & other plays  
mrvax : 9/29/2019 8:43 pm : link
In comment 14605458 jeffusedtobeonwebtv said:
Who spontaneously burst into singing Sargent Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band?

Yes, thankfully. LOL
Love this guy!  
trueblueinpw : 9/29/2019 8:51 pm : link
Was really excited to get him in the trade with the Browns. Great game today, he showed how versatile he is and how he can make a difference on the defense. He totally shut down Davis. Now I know the Washington team blows, especially at the QB position. But Peps had great coverage today and he played the run well too. Skyís the limit for him. I love too how he doesnít roll around in the mud with Collins. Nothing but love.
Mr. Bungle : 9/29/2019 9:39 pm : link
"What did it feel like when..." questions are the laziest, most dull question these sports reporters ask.
Letís give him some love now ¬†
5BowlsSoon : 9/29/2019 9:54 pm : link
Two consecutive games he has been beasty......

All this talk about missing Collins should be banished from our board. It is utterly ridiculous and completely comical. Collins is a stiff....he canít cover. Every TE owns him.

Collins......14 million
Peppers.....1.5 million
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