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Post-Game Transcript: G Will Hernandez

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/29/2019 7:20 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Redskins) Transcripts: G Will Hernandez -- September 29, 2019

Q: How has it been that things have turned so quickly? You were 0-2 for the sixth time in seven years. It seemed like the team was headed towards “Well, we know the stats. Only thirteen percent of 0-2 teams make the playoffs”, now you're 2-2, right back in the thick of things.
A: I think that's a kind of problem that a lot of people overreact to from one game to another because all it does is motivate us. But, one thing we never lost is who we actually are as a team. We didn't play like it for two games and we were upset about it. We were more upset than anybody. We quickly turned it around because that's kind of hard guys on the team. It started in practice. Practice was different. We did a lot of changes. We started to fight harder. All we did was move those things to the field.

Q: Obviously, one of those changes is Daniel [Jones] and everybody in this locker room deserves credit for turning it around, but what kind of spark has he given you guys?
A: I mean, Daniel [Jones] is a great player for us; he gives us the chances that we need. He extends plays, makes life on the blocking line a little easier. I think once one player steps up, it’s kind of a snowball effect. I think it makes the line better because we start blocking better, receivers have more time to get open, quarterbacks can make better throws, and it is just kind of a chain reaction and I think that is what’s going on and we are just going to keep building off of it.

Q: When he [Daniel Jones] comes off the field after back-to-back interceptions, are you kind of looking at him to see what his reaction is going to be?
A: No, not at all. We have full faith in him, and as the offensive line, we are focused on what we have to do first. We’re not looking to see what anyone else is doing or reacting or anything like that. We just simply believe that he [Daniel Jones] is going to fix it; he knows what he has to do, and one thing about Daniel is that he is very mature. He is very mature and that is something I have noticed ever since he got here. We weren’t worried at all; we knew that Daniel is going to get it together. We knew that we had a lot of things to get together too to give him a chance, so we have full faith in him and we’re happy.

Q: Will, how were you able to hold it up in the running game against a pretty good defense?
A: I mean, we’ve played these guys [Washington] before. I played these guys last year twice, so this is my third time playing them, so we kind of knew a little bit about them and what they do, so that helped us out. It’s just simply that relentless attitude that we have that the coaches have instilled in us. Even if we have a bad play, screw it and let’s go on to the next one. We’ll fix it and when we watch film, we will fix it and talk about it later and talk about it tomorrow. Right now, we just need to focus on the next play to make sure that it doesn’t happen again and mess it up again like we just did so it doesn’t turn into two, three bad plays on a bad drive.

Q: Is it a confidence booster for you guys to play well and score points like this without Saquon (Barkley)?
A: The way our offense is designed, we have to score points no matter who’s coming. Obviously, we want Saquon (Barkley) in there, we hate to see our guys hurt. But either way, talking from an offensive lineman standpoint, we’re going to go out and go 100% no matter who’s back there, no matter who’s in, who’s out. We’re going to keep coming and coming. Apart from their abilities being different, we all have the same mindset.
I really like this guy ...  
Spider56 : 9/29/2019 7:41 pm : link
For a 2nd year player, he also sounds very mature.
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