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Monday Media Transcript: WR Golden Tate

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/30/2019 3:06 pm
WR Golden Tate III -- September 30, 2019

Q: How long will it take you to get back in rhythm after having some rust from the last month?
A: I have been staying on top of it. I guess maybe a practice or two hopefully, weíll see.

Q: The first hit will be good right?
A: Oh yeah, I have been waiting a long time for the hits. Iím excited to be back, I had a big smile on my face yesterday and today. Itís great to be back, I miss these guys, I miss the facility, I miss the coaches. Iím ready to get back to work, here we go.

Q: You got to play with Daniel in the preseason game against the Patriots, but didnít get a lot of practice time during training camp. Watching through his first two starts, what are your impressions of him as a quarterback?
A: Heís slippery, he finds his way out of some sticky situations and makes plays. Obviously, heís helped us win. Watching from afar, his decision making has been great, I think. Iím here to help him, helping his development, help make some plays and take some pressure off of him and just help us continue to win.

Q: Were you climbing the walls the last month?
A: Yeah, I was kind of going through it a little bit, especially the first two games. I guess as each game passed it got a little bit easier because I knew I was closer to coming back. Iíve just been itching, been missing football and now the time is finally here.

Q: What did you do for the month, did you stay around here?
A: No, there was no vacation. We live in San Diego, thatís where our home base is for me. I have trainers, massage therapists, and rehab people there. I just went back home and worked my tail off, tried to stay ready and get better and hang with the family. I tried to keep myself busy just to take my mind off of it. Sundays were tough for me, I was in a bad mood on Sunday just because from the start of the day I couldnít find the game. Because Iím on the west coast, they werenít showing the game. I had to find it somewhere streaming, it started off and then Iím just sitting looking like, I should be out there. It was tough, but yesterday was kind of the first pleasant game for me. One, we won and I knew as soon as the game was over I was pretty much allowed to be back, it was exciting.

Q: How did you find out about the quarterback change and what was your reaction?
A: I read it online somewhere. It mightíve been ESPN, I donít know. I was excited, itís an opportunity, heís been waiting. His chance came and that was that. I didnít know what to expect.

Q: Have you been surprised at all by how well heís played?
A: I wouldnít say I was surprised, Iím delighted, Iím liking what Iím seeing for sure. Heís been handling the moment very well and hopefully he continues to improve each day and each game.

Q: Iím assuming you have had a chance to look at the play by play and some of what has happened with this offense over the first month. As you come back with your skill set, how will that component help this offense be even better?
A: Whatever we are doing right now is working. I just want to come in and be a spark, an addition to what weíre doing, just help everybody around me get better and just be myself. There is no secret that in the slot Iím pretty dangerous once I get the ball in my hands. I feel like Iím pretty dangerous on third down. Hopefully, I am utilized that way. Whatever it takes to win. These four weeks have been very long for me. I have just been thinking about football, ready to get back out here and the time is now. We just want to get another win, go 1-0 this week and keep this thing rolling. As you can probably see in this locker room, the vibe is great. When you win, itís all great, so weíll see.

Q: What have you seen from Darius Slayton?
A: Over these last four weeks, I have only been able to see the TV copy. Iím not even able to really focus in on him unless he is getting the ball, you know how TVís work. Heís shown up and made some big plays for us, thatís what we need. The more guys that can make plays, the better it is, the harder it makes it on defenses. You have a bunch of guys that can do something at any given moment, thatís great. We want to be an offense that spreads the ball around to everybody. I think thatís what is going to make us unpredictable. When youíre unpredictable, I think you can be dangerous. Darius obviously brings that speed and explosion, he has a great catch radius, his route running is getting better and better, heís a huge asset. The key for our group is just to stay healthy and keep trying to be better, not only for our group but for the team.

Q: I know you tweeted you would be here at 12:01, what time did you actually get here and what was it like when you first came into the building?
A: I got in probably around 8, or 8:15. My wife wouldnít let me stay here the night or last night, because she knew I would be spending eight or nine hours a day here. She said she wanted to enjoy the last night. It was a great vibe, we won last night, I went straight into the weight room, started saying hi to everybody, giving out hugs and it was great, I loved it.
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