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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/2/2019 3:25 pm
QB Daniel Jones -- October 2, 2019

Q: After two games, how do you feel about the progression of learning game day situations?
A: I think I have made some progress, I think just the experience of being out there is helpful, and certainly a lot of lessons through two games. I think Iíve made some progress, but I realize there is a lot to be done.

Q: When you look at that Vikings defense, what are you preparing for?
A: They are a good unit, a good team. Weíll be prepared, I think when you look at them they are a strong front seven and they are good in the back end, too. I think weíll be ready, we got a good start to the week today, and have a good plan in place. Iím excited and I think we will be prepared.

Q: What is Golden Tate going to add to the offense?
A: Obviously, heís a guy thatís played a long time, heís caught a lot of balls. Heís a really good player, he gives us another weapon, another tool on offense. Excited to have him back out there for sure.

Q: How much did you get to work with him in the preseason?
A: I worked with him a little bit, the week of the Patriots game especially, I worked with him a little bit. We all worked with everyone throughout camp and throughout the preseason, I feel comfortable with him, I think he feels comfortable with me so I think weíll be on the same page.

Q: How much are your spirits lifted when you see Saquon out there running around, even though he may not be available for the game. Itís certainly an optimistic perspective?
A: Yea, without a doubt. I think he is doing well and heís going to be patient and we are going to make sure he is feeling good when he comes back. To have him back out there, he is a captain, he is a leader on our team, so itís great to have him back out there.

Q: We were asking Coach Shurmur the particular challenges of this Vikings defense and he basically named every position. Is this the most complete defense you have faced in the NFL?
A: I think they are a very complete team. Compared to the teams we have played, they are definitely up there. Like coach said, they have a good front seven and they are really good in the back end, too. I think weíll be ready, I think we have a plan to attack, a plan to handle what they do well. Realize itís about what we do well, too. Itís about playing to our strengths and we will have a plan to do that. Weíre confident and Iím looking forward to it.

Q: Is there anything you have noticed about the way they play in the back end? Historically, the Vikings have done a good job of harassing Giants quarterbacks?
A: I think they are physical, itís an experienced group back there, they have some guys that have played together for a long time. As far as giving you different looks, they are good at that. Like I said, like anything, weíll have a plan for it. Itís about what we do, itís about playing to our strengths. I think weíll do that.

Q: When you go back and look at last weekís game and you look at the interceptions, what did you see?
A: I think, like I said after the game, the first one was a poor decision on a guy I didnít see and he made a play on the ball. The second one was a poor throw, just a misthrow. Certainly, two mistakes you canít have. Iíll learn from them.

Q: Coach talks about learning to win, how have you learned to win at this level?
A: I think it starts during the week with practices. Coach talks about it every day, focusing on
Wednesday when itís Wednesday and making sure we are having the best Wednesday we can have and do the same thing tomorrow, the next day and the day after. I think thatís a big part of it, using the week to prepare and trusting that you are going to play the best when you are prepared the best. I think thatís been big for us.

Q: Is it tough to keep your eyes down field when you have thrown a couple interceptions on passes further than 10 yards. What does it take to come right back out and try to make that play again?
A: I think if you are going to be a successful quarterback, you have to be willing to move on to the next play. I think if you are making decisions based on mistakes or last plays, you are going to get yourself into trouble. Itís about making the read, itís about putting the ball where itís supposed to be, considering the coverage and the look. I donít think you can change that regardless of the result.

Q: Are you good at that? Sometimes quarterbacks sulk and they canít get a bad play out of their head?
A: I think so. Itís not easy, but itís critical. I think I can do that.

Q: I donít know if their safeties try to mess with you in terms of trying to make you go one way or the other, did you notice that?
A: No, not any different than what we have seen on tape and what they have done to other people. I think when you get veteran safeties back there, they are going to do that. Thatís their job and thatís part of disguising their looks a lot of times. I think itís just about preparing during the week and knowing what to expect during the game.

Q: I couldnít help but notice you were signing Jones jerseys and footballs. Has that changed in the last couple of weeks?
A: Yeah, maybe a little bit. Iím not sure that changes a whole lot besides those 30 seconds you spend doing that coming in from practice. Itís not a big change in my routine or my day.

Q: Are you getting noticed more when you walk down the street?
A: Maybe a little bit. Thatís part of the job, a little bit, but itís all good.

Q: In Tampa, you took a pretty good shot from Carl Nassib when you were moving around, but then still next game you were able to avoid pressure and avoid that hit while making a play with your legs. Iím curious, when you study that, how do you process it and still avoid those hits?
A: I think thatís tough to change what you are doing. A lot of that is just a feel of the pressure and feel whoís coming and finding the quickest way to escape. When you are in those situations, itís hard to know where everyone is, but itís more of a feel for the space and a feel for where the pressure is coming from.

Q: When you were in high school, you took a shot from Vikings center Garrett Bradbury, who was a defensive end at the time. Do you remember that play and was that an eye opener?
A: At that point, I grew up playing football, you realize pretty early you get whacked pretty good. He hit me pretty well that time and since, me and Garrett have become good friends, heís an awesome guy. Thatís part of the game. I think you realize that as soon as you start playing.

Q: He got the better of you or you got the better of him on that?
A: I think on that hit he probably got the better of me.
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