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Post-Game Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/6/2019 6:46 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Vikings) Transcripts: QB Daniel Jones -- October 6, 2019

Q: How much did the pressure, especially up the middle, disrupt the timing of some of your throws?
A: I thought they did a good job. Like you said, they are a good front. I thought, overall, we did a good job handling it. I think thatís going to happen in any game, you are going to have pressure at times and you expect that. I thought, overall, we did a pretty good job handling that, I think thereís some situations where I can be better in the pocket and I can get the ball out.

Q: Can you talk about the two ďalmostĒ plays to Sterling, the overthrow in the first quarter and the touchdown that was high in the end zone?
A: Two big missed opportunities. I think when you play a good defense like Minnesota you need to convert those. I will certainly look at those, but I have to be better in those situations and we have to take advantage of those. You canít afford to miss those against a team like that.

Q: Most teams would shy away from these Vikings but you guys were aggressive, what are your thoughts on coming into this ball game and trying to be aggressive?
A: We have a lot of confidence in our receivers. Up against anyone, I think we match up well. Like I said, we had the opportunity, we had the chances. I have to do a better job of making sure we convert those chances. We are going to be aggressive and with every game we play, we are going to stay aggressive.

Q: What is your overall feeling about how you and the offense did today?
A: Not good enough. Like I said, I thought the plan was good going in, I thought we created a lot of opportunities for ourselves to make plays and we didnít make them. Youíre not going to win if you canít convert those opportunities, you canít make plays. I have to be better.

Q: You have been tough on yourself, do you take away that mentality from this game?
A: Yea, thatís always the mindset after a game, to use it to improve. There is certainly no exception here.
I think there is a lot of things I have to do better, weíll correct them as a team and move forward. I think itís always the same mindset.

Q: With Wayne Gallman going down, did that change some of the protections and how you guys wanted to attack Minnesotaís defense?
A: Obviously Wayne going down is tough to see and you hate to see it. I thought Jon and Eli stepped up and played well with their opportunities. Iím not sure it changed a whole lot in terms of what we were doing.

Q: Itís a short turn around for you, what are your thoughts on playing Tom Brady and New England?
A: Itís the next opportunity. We are looking forward to the quick turn around and the fact that we get to play four days from now. Itís a short week, so I think we are excited, it gives us a chance to get back out there and correct some of the things we need to correct.

Q: Is Brady a guy you watched a lot growing up?
A: Yeah, I think I watched everyone growing up and enjoyed watching everyone. Heís been one of the best guys for a long time. Iíve always enjoyed watching him.

Q: On the safety, what did you see in their defensive front?
A: They did a good job on that. I probably can make sure that we are making the right decision in the run game. If I have a chance to get us in a better play, Iím doing that. I think thatís a tough situation and we can all be better.

Q: Was this game different in the sense that you got hit more, there was less room to run? Was this just a better defense that you faced?
A: They are a good defense and they deserve credit. Like I said, I think we created enough opportunities for ourselves to win. Maybe there wasnít as much space at times, but I think thatís going to happen any game, and as long as you are creating opportunities, you need to be able to convert those. We didnít do that, I didnít do that, thatís why we lost.

Q: On the fourth and two from the three when you were attempting to go in and you got sacked, should there have been a hot read on that play?
A: Thereís always a way to get the ball out of your hands quicker. I have to do a better job.

Q: You mentioned the missed opportunities, what does this team need to do to put everything together?
A: Iím not sure itís something we need to change, do differently, Iím not sure itís that kind of problem. I think itís just about converting, we are certainly capable enough. Weíre aware enough, we know what we need to do, itís just about doing it and making sure we are doing it every single play we are out there. I donít think by any means we need to re-think things, or need to change what weíre doing. I think itís just making sure we do it.

Q: Youíve played two games and done nothing but win, is it a different feeling walking off this time?
A: Itís never a good feeling when you lose, certainly. Iíve been on teams where we have lost, Iíve certainly lost games before. I think you learn from it and itís an opportunity to improve. Itís never a good feeling to lose.

Q: With Harrison Smith on the back end, did he give you different things to think about, because of how much ground he can cover?
A: Heís a good player. Obviously has played in that system for a long time and knows what they are trying to do. There was a couple instances where I could have done a better job controlling him with my eyes maybe, or seeing it a little bit better. You have to give a lot of credit to their defense. Like I said, we had opportunities but they deserve credit.

Q: What was it like having Golden Tate back today?
A: It was good, I thought having him out there was good for us. Obviously, I probably missed some opportunities to get him the ball and making sure heís involved. Itís good having him out there and I look forward to throwing and improving with him.

Q: Have you ever had to get ready in such a short duration, like you said only 4 days until you have to turn around and play again?
A: I donít know if I had anything quite like this in college. I guess we played Saturday and then we played Thursdays, so five days. It will be a different week, structured differently in how we practice and how we prepare. Iím confident we will be able to do it. The Patriots have four days, too. Itís about making sure we are efficient and prepared to play, Iím confident we will be.

Q: The pass to Sterling in the back of the endzone that he caught, does that one upset you the most?
A: That one and a number of other missed opportunities, but I donít know if I value them different. They were all big plays we should have made, and I should have made sure we did. There was a number of missed opportunities and you need to convert those to beat a team like that.

Q: Was it too high
A: Absolutely, it was clearly too high.
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