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Monday Media Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/7/2019 7:26 pm
QB Daniel Jones -- October 7, 2019

Q: How tough is it to prepare for a team on a short week?
A: It’s different. It’s obviously my first time doing it here, so the routine is a little bit different, but that’s part of the challenge. They have the same challenge in a short week for them also, so I’m confident we’ll be prepared. We’re excited for the opportunity.

Q: Did you sneak some stuff in last week?
A: I didn’t. I was focused on Minnesota last week.

Q: Rookie quarterbacks do not have a great track record going against Bill Belichick. Why do you think that is and what do you see from his defense that would make it so difficult?
A: I think they’ve been a good defense for a long time. I don’t know—probably rookies and all other quarterbacks—they’ve been a good defense, they can play well against anyone. I think, like I said, we’re excited for the opportunity, we’re excited for the challenge, and I think we’ll be prepared and confident going in.

Q: We’ve seen that famous picture of you in an Eli Manning jersey when you were a kid—did you have a Tom Brady jersey?
A: No, I didn’t have a Brady jersey, but I always liked watching him, and yeah, he was one of those guys growing up.

Q: What are you expecting from that atmosphere?
A: Hopefully it will be energetic and loud, and I look forward to playing a Thursday night game. It’s a big deal, it’s exciting. Looking forward to it.

Q: Today on a conference call, Belichick mentioned that you were in their building before the draft and had a good visit—what do you remember about that day?
A: Yeah, just meeting their coaches and visiting with them, kind of like all the pre-draft visits, just trying to make a good impression, trying to learn from those coaches. I enjoyed the conversations that I had with all of them, and obviously a whole lot of respect for their coaches and how good they’ve been for a long time.

Q: What’s it like now to know that in a couple days you’ll be facing off with Tom Brady?
A: I’m excited, I think we all are, but it’s about what we can do as a team to score points, to move the ball. I think as a team we’re confident we’ll be able to do that, so that’s the challenge, to be prepared for what they do.

Q: What can you learn from watching that film yesterday?
A: I think a number of things. I think, like we talked about yesterday, there were some plays we left out there, some plays that I left out there on the field that I’d like to have back that we need to make, and several other things. I think there are times I can be better in the pocket, more efficient in how I move and create space. There’s a number of things, but like each of these weeks, it’s an opportunity to learn.

Q: How big of a hit is it for this offense to lose Sterling Shepard?
A: He’s obviously a key piece of what we do. He’s been a big-time playmaker for us until this point, but like we said, we’re confident in the guys we’ve got. I think when you look at how some of those guys have played and stepped up, I think we’ve got guys who are ready to go and ready to make plays. So, we’re confident and I know those guys will be ready.

Q: It was your first time throwing to (Golden) Tate since the preseason—did you feel like the chemistry was there?
A: I thought it was. We had throughout training camp and the preseason—I think I’m certainly comfortable with him, I think he’s comfortable with me, so I think the chemistry is definitely there.

Q: Did you lose some of the RPO stuff from the playbook when Wayne (Gallman Jr. ) went out of the game?
A: Not really, our plan didn’t change a whole lot. Losing Wayne, obviously you hate to lose him, he’s a great player for us, but I don’t think the plan necessarily changed.

Q: It could be feast or famine at the running back spot—Coach Shurmur said there’s a possibility you could have Saquon (Barkley), but there’s also a possibility you might only have two healthy running backs going into the game. How much does that wear on your mind at all?
A: Like the other positions, I think we have guys who have stepped up so far, who have played well when they’ve had opportunities, so I think we’re confident in them. I think losing Saquon, losing Wayne, those are two really good players and two guys who have made a lot of plays, but like I said, we’re confident in those guys—(Eli) Penny and Jon (Hilliman) have played really well, so we’ll be good to go.

Q: Everyone knows Eli Manning’s history against the Patriots--particularly in a short week against that team, can he be helpful?
A: Absolutely, I think he’s been extremely helpful to me in each of these games, and in a short week like this, he’ll be helpful, also. He obviously knows how to prepare, he’s done this short week a number of times, so he’ll be extremely helpful.

Q: Belichick also said on that call that when you were visiting with him, something happened and you changed your plans and you went to the Giants next—do you remember that?
A: I don’t remember exactly how that happened. I had a number of visits before the draft and to be honest, I’m not sure what exactly the order of them was, but like I said, I enjoyed the visit with those guys, and just to sit and talk with Coach Belichick was cool and I learned a lot.

Q: Maybe the greatest coach of all time has expressed interest in you, to the point where he has you in for a visit—is there something at least just on its face that that impresses you?
A: Yeah, I certainly appreciate the interest and appreciated it during the draft. Just the opportunity to visit up there, talk to those coaches, and obviously Coach Belichick, was really cool.

Q: In such a short week, how easy is it, or hard is it, to move on from such a disappointing loss to the Vikings?
A: I don’t think that’s—obviously we are disappointed, we expected to win, like we always do, so we’re disappointed, but I don’t think you can afford to focus on that really past last night. That’s not our focus. Our focus now is on the Patriots, and I think we’re all excited for this opportunity and we’ve all been able to kind of shift our focus and start to get ready for the Patriots.

Q: Off such a tough loss yesterday, a tough week, do you kind of get into guys a little bit—you know, “Let’s go, let’s pick it up, let’s make sure we’re ready for Thursday?”
A: I think the urgency is there from the team. I think you could feel it out at practice today and just kind of throughout the day today, people are ready to move on and people are ready to attack this challenge in a short week against the Patriots. So, I think if that’s necessary, I’d be willing to do that, but I think we’re motivated and I think I feel the energy and the urgency from the team, and I’ve certainly got to make sure that I do my part.

Q: How much more is on your plate? How much more studying do you have to do? It’s not a normal week.
A: I’ll try to do everything I do in a normal week in a little bit shorter time period. So, it’ll be a little bit longer, but I think I’m not timing my film watching, I’m just trying to make sure that I know I’m ready and do everything that I need to do.

Q: Eli is linked to the Patriots with his history—is there anything specific about this team that he’s been able to tell you?
A: Yeah, I think just some of their tendencies and how they’ve evolved over the years. I think they’ve changed a little bit from the times—but he has the experience from seeing that change. But yeah, I think just kind of the tendencies, who they are, the foundation of their defense, is helpful in preparing.

Q: Did he tell you at any point if you get in trouble to just kind of run around and throw it as far as you can and try to put it on someone’s helmet 40 yards down the field?
A: (Laughter) No, he didn’t say that one. But yeah, he has a whole lot of experience and a whole lot of success, so a lot to learn.

Q: When you were growing up playing football, did you ever imagine that you’d be starting against Tom Brady, based on his age?
A: I guess a few years ago it didn’t really seem like he was slowing down, so maybe, but I don’t know. I’m not sure I dreamed that specifically, but yeah, he’s been good for a long time.

Q: So, are you going to play until you’re 42?
A: I’d certainly like to, yeah.

Q: You think there’s some 5-year-old running around right now saying that he might have to play against you in 20 years?
A: Yeah, we’ll see. Sounds good to me.

Q: You don’t see it often in the NFL, but the awe-factor, the idea that this is a rare experience to go play Brady and Belichick up in Foxborough, you’ve watched them in Super Bowls—as young players, do you kind of have to guard against that and make sure you get that out of the way immediately?
A: Yeah, I think you certainly respect what they’ve done and you acknowledge the fact that they’re a good team, but I don’t think we can let that affect our confidence or the way we kind of attack the preparation, or when we get there, the play of the game, and I don’t think it will. So, I think they’re a good team, we know that, but we’re confident in what we do.
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SFGFNCGiantsFan : 10/7/2019 7:30 pm : link
Q: So, are you going to play until you’re 42?
A: I’d certainly like to, yeah.
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section125 : 10/7/2019 7:35 pm : link
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