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Itís called ďtackleĒ football

Fast Eddie : 10/9/2019 12:15 pm
And that is the root cause of all the concussions and career ending injuries we see in the NFL.

Would we even watch a less barbaric form of the game?

Would some sort of two hand/flag football even be watchable?

Iím not sure the NFL is all in on player safety. It seems like they are making up rules on the fly more to reduce future liability than anything else.

Iím sure this idea of taking the tackle out of football has been discussed by the owners and maybe they are doing just that but in a long, drawn out process that could take years. They know that if they outright changed the game so drastically it wouldnít fly by the consumers of the game.

Iím guessing in about ten years we will have the ďtackleĒ less football Iím talking about.

What a shame it would be to prematurely lose such a superhuman talent such as a Saquon or fill in the blank if we could only swallow a change to a basic tenet of the game we love.

I donít post much because Iím not too fond of the crap a lot of posters receive here but Iím an old guy with thick skin so Iíll post this and duck lol
If you want to get technical  
cjac : 10/9/2019 12:25 pm : link
its just called football
and welcome back  
cjac : 10/9/2019 12:34 pm : link
and you dont post enough
I think before they get rid of tackling  
Tony in Tampa : 10/9/2019 12:41 pm : link
A lesser but drastic step would be to get rid of the helmet. Something like rugby. Maybe they would go to something the weight and look of a ski helmet that would just be a glorified face mask to protect the face and eyes.

Guys won't hit head first with just their bare heads or some plastic shell that would crack like an eggshell when hit directly.
Tackling is fine...  
bw in dc : 10/9/2019 12:42 pm : link
If players tackled instead of hit - and that's a big difference - the game would be considerably safer.

A tackle is meant to bring down the opponent. A hit is meant to deliver punishment.
When I Saw This Thread  
LTIsTheGreatest : 10/9/2019 12:45 pm : link
I thought it was going to be about how bad the Giant defenders are tackling. They've had so many missed tackles through the first 5 games its mind boggling how bad they are at it. But I do agree about the players hitting and leading with their helmets despite the fines and suspensions. Its very troubling
Smaller Pads  
Bob in VA : 10/9/2019 12:56 pm : link
Wearing smaller pads allows everyone to move faster, which creates two problems: harder impact, and less protection. Look at photos/videos 20+ years and look at the size of the pads. Guys were running around just a bit slower, and had more protection. And the game was fun to watch, compared to now when we hold our breath on every hit worried someone will sustain a season-ending injury.
Fast Eddie : 10/9/2019 1:02 pm : link
I love the Rugby references and I agree. Iíve been watching this game quite a bit lately (world cup?) and it seems like there are less head to head hits/shoulder to head hits....
Bw in DC  
Fast Eddie : 10/9/2019 1:07 pm : link
Yes sir, that makes so much sense. Maybe my idea about ďtacklingĒ was not accurate. A real clean, wrap up the legs tackle is a little used skill these days. Especially with the Giants ugh!
Hi cjac  
Fast Eddie : 10/9/2019 1:08 pm : link
Thanks man! And Iím still a terrible golfer lol
This is the most salient point to me  
islander1 : 10/9/2019 1:10 pm : link
"Iím not sure the NFL is all in on player safety. It seems like they are making up rules on the fly more to reduce future liability than anything else."

100% this. They really don't care.

BW's point about 'tackling' versus 'hitting' is something I agree with, as well.
Tackling vs. hitting  
JohnG in Albany : 10/9/2019 1:17 pm : link
I agree with bw's comment wholeheartedly.

And the other advantage to tackling instead of hitting is that it works a whole lot better at stopping the offensive player.
And to my eye  
Fast Eddie : 10/9/2019 1:24 pm : link
Tackling is so much more beautiful to see. Canít remember the specific game but on one play I said man what a beautiful tackle. Honey Badger diagnosed a run perfectly, sorta scurried under the blockers block and wrapped up the runner three yards behind the line of scrimmage. It was like a work of art to me...
Maybe the Giants D  
Coach Red Beaulieu : 10/9/2019 1:39 pm : link
are trend setters.
We played a lot of tackle football in H.S....  
Tesla : 10/9/2019 1:39 pm : link
on our own without any equipment on at all. It was great and nobody ever got more than a bruise. You just have a completely different mindset when you're not wearing a helmet and pads.
Oh the old terrible golfer excuse  
gidiefor : Mod : 10/9/2019 1:40 pm : link
soft sided helmets would solve the problem, mostly  
Dave : 10/9/2019 1:59 pm : link
but fans like the sound of helmet on helmet hits
Two Events That Say It All  
DeepBlueJint : 10/9/2019 2:05 pm : link
Bednarik - Gifford

Tatum - Stingley

Football was is and will remain a very violent sport. The players are know heavier, stronger and faster. They fly like bullets fearlessly. And the NFL keeps attempting to improve the equipment to enable the players to behave more irresponsibly.

RE: We played a lot of tackle football in H.S....  
WeekendLife56 : 10/9/2019 2:21 pm : link
In comment 14620035 Tesla said:
on our own without any equipment on at all. It was great and nobody ever got more than a bruise. You just have a completely different mindset when you're not wearing a helmet and pads.

Can you imagine how good Barkley would be at competitive backyard football.....OMG
I'm not sure that no helmets or soft helmets would work  
markky : 10/9/2019 2:46 pm : link
remember, 90 years ago there used to be deaths playing football and it was almost outlawed, saved by Teddy Roosevelt. so I'm skeptical that going backwards in terms of protection is that answer.
No one can blame the Giants secondary  
Vanzetti : 10/9/2019 2:52 pm : link
For injuries caused by tackling.
Donít tell the NFL  
Giantimistic : 10/9/2019 2:57 pm : link
But I would watch pretty much any version of football. I find myself stopping to watch random flag football games. I do like the physical aspect but I love the strategy behind football.

2 things to consider  
PEEJ : 10/9/2019 3:02 pm : link
1) Mandatory knee braces. Provides protection as well as
slowing down the game slightly

2) Pillow-top helmets to provide more cushion on head blows
No helmets would not work  
HoodieGelo : 10/9/2019 3:07 pm : link
I did an entire paper on head trauma in rugby and it's just as bad if not worse than what the NFL is dealing with now. The players know what they're getting into now. The NFL is shitty and did a lot of shady stuff, but if you're willing to risk it to make a ton of money then that's it. End of argument. It boggles my mind how people honestly think non-tackle football is even an answer. If you want to stay healthy, don't play football. It's really that simple. Otherwise, stop trying to ruin the game.
Rugby is a differnent game  
V.I.G. : 10/9/2019 4:00 pm : link
Football is full speed every play.

Rugby has so much more scrum, guys are much less often running for long enough to get to full speed with the tackler also running at full speed...
Very true  
Lines of Scrimmage : 10/9/2019 4:14 pm : link
It's blow him up versus tackle.

Everyone is just bigger, faster and stronger. Look at 60's and 70's physiques to today. I wonder what those guys squatted, cleaned etc. It's just physics when people collide. Are "enhancements" being used?

I think these modern offenses contribute as well with so much more short passing and volume. More high impact collisions.

At some point, I guess there will be a waiver to play and the other thing I can see is a limit to documented concussions before having to give up playing.
People don't watch..  
FatMan in Charlotte : 10/9/2019 4:20 pm : link
the sport to see violent hits, just like you aren't watching baseball and basketball looking for a fight to break out.

The problem is that the league didn't discourage that behavior for many years, so a whole generation of kids grew up feeling safe under equipment and felt OK launching themselves headfirst with violent force to hit an opponent.

It isn't necessary to make a tackle, but there league is filled with players who would rather hit with the shoulder or head than wrap up a ball carrier.

until the league makes the punishment for tackling this way a deterrent, it will continue.
RE: Tackling is fine...  
Defense56 : 10/9/2019 4:43 pm : link
In comment 14619923 bw in dc said:
If players tackled instead of hit - and that's a big difference - the game would be considerably safer.

A tackle is meant to bring down the opponent. A hit is meant to deliver punishment.

This is exactly what I was thinking the other day when FMiC brought up the issue of safety. I believe I would be OK with the league removing the "hit" from the league and allowing tackling only. Don't know how they'd police, because in some cases there are nuances that would need to be interpreted. I hate when a guy gets jacked over the middle and the announcer says something like "it was a clean hit though." A clean hit can still cause a concussion when you're dealing with instantaneous changes in direction and velocity.
They already fucked the game up enough  
Sneakers O'toole : 10/9/2019 4:48 pm : link
How many safeties would  
Defense56 : 10/9/2019 4:49 pm : link
be pissed though if you banned the "hit". As much as players want safety for themselves, take away a violent hit that could jar the ball loose over the middle and I'll bet you have a lot of angry defensive players.
Players adapt..  
FatMan in Charlotte : 10/9/2019 4:52 pm : link
to the rules.

You can jar the ball loose without launching yourself like a missile. Take better angles. Use a shoulder to hit the arms. Wrap up the receiver as soon as he touches the ball.
christian : 10/9/2019 7:26 pm : link
Football was successful before the kill shot era, and it will be fine after.

Tech will advance to keep the small repeated blows from having the effects on the brain. Science will advance to analyze if certain people are more susceptible to developing the proteins that seems to be at the root of CTE.

That's all assuming the NFL gets out of the way and is wise enough to not let today destroy tomorrow.
RE: Oh the old terrible golfer excuse  
Fast Eddie : 10/9/2019 7:27 pm : link
In comment 14620036 gidiefor said:

Ha! No cookies for you....
Research the the early days.  
Mendenhall64 : 10/9/2019 8:01 pm : link
Guys were smaller, slower, wore leather helmets, and died on the field.
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