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NGT- Mike Pouncey

jvm52106 : 10/9/2019 4:18 pm
out for the year for the Chargers with a neck injury that will require surgery. Their Oline has a lot of issues right now and the team in general has had a ton of injuries.
Pouncey Injured - ( New Window )
death, taxes and injuries  
Ben in Tampa : 10/9/2019 4:22 pm : link
The NFL is a war or attrition every year and always will be
AcidTest : 10/9/2019 4:34 pm : link
Hope he's OK. Prayers and best wishes to him. That is scary.
They need  
TommyWiseau : 10/9/2019 6:18 pm : link
to increase the roster size and the active roster size for games. It's about time.
They also need to forget about increasing the schedule to 17 games  
Ira : 10/9/2019 6:25 pm : link
The Chargers  
beatrixkiddo : 10/9/2019 6:31 pm : link
Are more cursed than any team with injuries. Every year with them, itís crazy.
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