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Transcript: LB Markus Golden Conference Call

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/11/2019 5:06 pm
LB Markus Golden Conference Call -- October 11, 2019

Q: There was a feeling in the locker room last night that you guys played a really good game against the defending Super Bowl champions and you can use positives from last night going forward. How do you feel about that and how do you measure the performance last night as you go on to the next game?
A: First of all, I am a win and loss guy, so I always go off of wins and losses. We lost the game, so I wasnít as excited about that, but there was a lot of positives that came from it after watching film. We did a lot of flying around, working together, a lot of guys were doing their job. That part is exciting but at the end of the day, we want to try and get that win.

Q: At the beginning of the year, there were a lot of questions about the pass rush, you and your teammates have really brought it, you are way ahead of where you were at this point last year. Can you discuss how that has come together and the comfort level you guys are reaching in what you are being asked to do and how you guys are generating that pressure?
A: First, you have to give credit to the coaches. They put together a great game plan this week for us to get together and get after Brady and get him off his spot. After that, itís just guys working together and flying around together and believing in each other as far as the pass rush. The coverage, too, the coverage helps a lot, so itís just everybody working together and itís working out so far.

Q: When was the last time you ran that far with the football in your hands?
A: Itís been a while, I was a running back in high school, I scored a pretty good touchdown in college, too. Iím used to carrying the ball a little bit.

Q: It looked like you had a little running back move there at the end?
A: Yeah, I knew they were going to have a chance to catch up with me. You have NFL receivers chasing you, so I knew they were going to have a shot to catch up with me and make a play on me, so I was thinking in my head when they came, make sure I donít go down easy. It worked out for me.

Q: Can you talk about what you saw from the three defensive front guys?
A: I saw everybody working hard, you have Dalvin flying around, B.J. was flying around, but Big Dex is an animal out there, you see it on film. He really stood out on film as far as running to the ball, pushing the pocket and flying around. Iím excited for all of them, but Big Dex is making a big jump and you can see it when you turn on film.

Q: Is that unusual for a young defensive lineman to make a big jump that quickly?
A: Yeah, itís unusual but then when you think about it, he was a first round pick, with what he did in college. With Big Dex, everybody expected him to come in and do what he is doing, he has been every bit of what everybody said he would be. He has come in here and been disruptive every play, thatís just every day. Not even just in the game, he does it in practice every day. I have a lot of respect for Big Dex. I expect him to keep on helping the team win.

Q: Obviously you were coming back from being injured, you have had some good sack numbers prior to that. As you came into a new team, how confident were you that you would be able to get back to that pass rushing ability?
A: Iím all about working, so I worked hard this offseason. I worked in OTAís and even in camp, I just worked hard. When you put in the work that I was making sure I put in every day and making sure I was taking care of my body even better than I was before the injury, yes, I was confident in myself no matter what. You have to be confident in yourself, especially if you are working hard.

Q: Were there any concerns that that you could get back to that level after being hurt?
A: No, for me personally. Like I said, just putting in the work every day and keeping the confidence that everything would be how I wanted it to be. Thatís always been my mindset, just get out there, work hard in practice every day and know good can happen once you do that. Then get out there in the game and play to win.

Q: Any extra excitement about this weekís upcoming opponent?
A: Of course. I know a lot of guys over there that play in Arizona. David Johnson, Chandler Jones, D.J. Humphries. I played with a lot of guys over there, a lot of great friendships. Iím excited to get out there and compete against those guys.

Q: Iím sure you want to show them what they are missing?
A: No, Iím past that. Iím happy to be here with the New York Giants. Itís been a great experience so far and Iím excited just to have the opportunity to be a Giant. I appreciate the Cardinals a lot. They were the team that drafted me, so I have to show respect to them. I would be lying to you if I said I wasnít excited to get out there and compete against them. Iím real excited to get out there and compete against them.

Q: What else can this defense show that it hasnít shown yet?
A: Really, just consistency. I feel like we can show that we can keep doing it and come out and compete week to week. We want to keep taking it one week at a time, but we want to come out and be consistent each week.
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