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Bengals place Kerry Wynn on IR, Could affect comp pick

Jay on the Island : 10/14/2019 5:24 pm
The team announced that they have claimed offensive lineman Fred Johnson off of waivers. Defensive end Kerry Wynn was placed on injured reserve in a corresponding move. He has been out of action since suffering a concussion in Week Two.

If the Bengals reach an injury settlement and release Wynn prior to week 10 he would no longer count towards the Giants comp pick loss. They already lost a potential pick when the Raiders released Josh Mauro earlier this season.

It's not that big of a deal as they would likely get only a 7th in this situation but it makes day 3 more exciting the more picks they have.
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Sorry for Kerry Wynn  
flycatcher : 10/14/2019 5:37 pm : link
Concussion claims another, he was a real gamer here. Best of health to Kerry.
wynn gave a real good effort  
Payasdaddy : 10/14/2019 5:57 pm : link
wish best for him
RE: wynn gave a real good effort  
AcidTest : 10/14/2019 7:19 pm : link
In comment 14628798 Payasdaddy said:
wish best for him

+1. Best wishes for him. Why can't the NFL and all of football invent a safer helmet?
Bill in UT : 10/14/2019 7:57 pm : link
We could have gotten a draft pick for Wynn? I'd have been embarrasssed to take it
knowledge about brain injuries has increased markedly in recent years  
plato : 10/14/2019 10:11 pm : link
with modern imaging devices and studies of head trauma. Interesting last time i looked carefully at information soccer with its heading of ball more concussion and brain injury than American football. Not sure that is true today.
the newer helmets made to be safer are weapons in themselves and with players speed and force increased over the years, the damage inflicted by the helmets and players other protection, leveled intentionally and accidentally, has increased over the years.
Also,with more attention, concussion symptoms which appear minor, like headache, are enough to get player into ďprotocolĒ whereas in past, they continued to play.
So there are both increased #ís diagnosed and perhaps increased actual #ís of brain injury like concussion that werenít known before. so it appears that helmets canít be made safer. that may well not only not be true but actually self defeating, the more work on helmets the more dangerous they may become to other players. so itís a very difficult problem to get a grip on let alone make a safer helmet.
Kerry Wynn always hustled for us  
Modzelewski : 10/15/2019 12:40 am : link
From specials to a starting position on the D line. Sorry to read this.
RE: RE: wynn gave a real good effort  
jcn56 : 10/15/2019 8:08 am : link
In comment 14628828 AcidTest said:
In comment 14628798 Payasdaddy said:


wish best for him

+1. Best wishes for him. Why can't the NFL and all of football invent a safer helmet?

Because the concussion game isn't about the impact to the cranium, it's about the speed - the brain bouncing around and twisting inside the skull causes the trauma. Short of someone inventing a seat belt for the brain, I'm not sure that anything can be done, let alone with a helmet.

Best of luck to Wynn - he was a solid contributor who always gave 100%.
They make dead blow hammers....  
MOOPS : 10/15/2019 11:53 am : link
which limit and distribute peak force and greatly reduce the rebound effect. They can't do that for a helmet? Just sayin.
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