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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/16/2019 2:59 pm
QB Daniel Jones -- October 16, 2019

Q: Coming off the game in New England last Thursday, what do you take from it? What do you continue to learn in a game like that against that kind of opponent?
A: I think a number of things. I think taking care of the ball is the first thing you think about, and just taking advantage of the opportunities. We missed a few there. Just taking care of the ball and trying to make sure we convert on opportunities to make plays.

Q: While not officially official at this moment, it looks like youíre getting Saquon (Barkley) back. What do you think when you hear that?
A: Yeah, I think weíre going to take it day by day and see how he feels. I know heís been working hard, so weíll see. Hopefully weíll have him out there.

Q: What kind of benefit will that be to have him back in the backfield? You had him for what, less than two quarters?
A: Yeah, I mean heís a big part of what we do. Heís a special player. It would be big to have him back.

Q: How much do you think it would take pressure off you a little bit to have to make some plays in the passing game?
A: I think we have done a good job running the ball these past couple of weeks. Obviously, heís a playmaker, he makes a lot of plays. We all have to do our job, we all have to make plays when we get the opportunity.

Q: As he starts getting those reps this week in practice, what changes about the offense just knowing that Saquon is there?
A: Well, like I said, we are going to take it day by day and see how he feels. I think like anything, heís working back, and weíre working back with him. Weíll see how he feels.

Q: Did you get a chance to meet or spend time with (Arizona Cardinals Quarterback) Kyler Murray during the whole draft process?
A: Yeah, I think I met him. I didnít spend a whole lot of time with him, but Iíve enjoyed watching him so far and obviously enjoyed watching him in college, also.

Q: Against this Arizona defense, what are some ways you want to utilize the tight end more and exploit some of the struggles that theyíve had?
A: Well I think our tight ends are always a big part of what we do. Those guys have made plays this year for us, so theyíll continue to be a part of what we do. I look forward to seeing them make some plays.

Q: What kind of challenges do you have to deal with (Arizona Cardinals Linebacker Terrell) Suggs and (Arizona Cardinals Linebacker Chandler) Jones as you look at their pass rushers? This is a pretty potent duo we are talking about.
A: Yeah, they are good players. I think from my standpoint, I need to be good at stepping up in the pocket and holding onto the ball. I think those things are always important. Theyíve got two good ones, but Iím confident weíll do a good job. Weíve done a good job this season and Iím confident with our guys to protect. I have to make sure Iím doing my job stepping up and getting time.

Q: Pat Shurmur mentioned to us that he had a conversation with you, I guess along the lines of itís been an interesting month for you. Do you have any takeaways as essentially your first month as a starter, or a reaction to that conversation with your head coach?
A: Yeah, I think itís been, looking back on the month, kind of up and down. Iíve been inconsistent overall. Iíve been good and been bad. I think there are certainly a lot of things to learn. When you look at the scheme or some of the decisions, some of my habits or bad habits, I think there are a lot of things to learn. So, Iíll kind of separate those problems, (and) those individual issues and try to improve. But also, just getting more comfortable and getting more accustomed to what we are doing. I think Iíll continue to learn and grow, but Iíve certainly had the opportunity to learn a lot this month.

Q: Is there a sense of ďwe have to start getting this right nowĒ?
A: Yeah, I think there is always going to be that sense. I think weíre always going to feel the urgency to fix things we havenít done as well. To improve, I think that should always be there. Starting today at practice, really starting Monday at practice, I think thereís an urgency and a sense of making sure we prepare as well as we possibly can, so we can play as well as we possibly can.

Q: With Kyler (Murray), how much does it factor into your thinking at all like, Ďhe was the number one pick, and I want to show that Iím the best quarterback in this draftí?
A: Not much. My focus is on trying to help the team win the game. I think thatís the biggest part. Itís about being prepared as a team, itís about making sure Iím doing my part in that preparation and Iím ready to play as well as I can. I think thatís the emphasis, is to go out there and help our team get a win.

Q: Can Antoine Bethea be of any assistance to you with the Cardinalsí defense?
A: Yeah, I think so. Itís a little bit of a new system there this year, but personnel wise, they have some of his old teammates. Iíll continue to talk to him and understand what I can from his experience.

Q: When you say about taking care of the ball, what specifically goes into that other than donít put the ball where itís not supposed to be? What have you looked at in the last couple of days of wanting to improve in that area?
A: I think in the pocket, making sure Iím keeping two hands on the ball. When Iím running, securing the ball. I think thatís part of it. Just making good decisions. I think being aggressive when the opportunity is there, and not when itís smart not to be aggressive. Just kind of managing that, understanding those situations, and learning from them.

Q: Is it really not a tangible thing that you can say, Ďthis is what Iím going to focus on?í Is it just a matter of week to week improving those areas from experience?
A: Yeah, through experience. Recognizing certain things as opportunities to be aggressive or not. I think itís a lot of that, just seeing more and understanding that.
I like this kid a lot  
jvm52106 : 10/16/2019 3:23 pm : link
He is a take the blame kind of guy, honestly reflecting on his play good and bad and very team centered. He will do quite well.
I see Shurmur's strength as a teacher;  
KeoweeFan : 10/16/2019 6:38 pm : link
one who can instill in the players a "continuous improvement" attitude. Use mistakes proudly as a learning tool and a commit to finding a way to erase that flaw.

That will only work for so long. If the won/loss record doesn't follow, the enthusiasm will wain.

But so far most of the key players seem to be singing from the same hymnal, with no prima donnas. (Mixed metaphor alert)

The jury is still out on play calling and game management; maybe he is learning from his mistakes (smile).
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