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Wednesday Media Transcript: WR Golden Tate III

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/16/2019 3:28 pm
WR Golden Tate III -- October 16, 2019

Q: What are you looking forward to in this Arizona defense and ways you guys can exploit them?
A: I canít really tell you that (laughter). I think we are just excited to get back on the field and get that bad taste out of our mouth from last Thursday night. We have another opportunity, we are back at home, weíre excited. We are getting some guys back, which is important for us, and we just want to go out there and play a complete game. I think we know how good we can be, we just want to go out there and execute the fundamentals. Do the small things right that make a world of a difference. Today was the first day of practice, or I guess the second day of practice, but I thought guys flew around, were excited to be out there and we are looking forward to Sunday. Arizona is a good team. I never like to look at the records, theyíre a good team that has some good players. They are getting Patrick Peterson back. We have to play good defense, offense and special teams.

Q: What are you looking forward to possibly getting Saquon back?
A: Iím excited to be on the field with him and block for him and whatever is needed to help him score and help us win. Heís a huge part of this offense, weíre excited about it. We have to do our jobs the best we can to spring each other.

Q: What do you notice about how the offense changes with him at practice?
A: Iím so new, this is only my third game, so I donít know, itís not a question for me because I havenít played.

Q: Getting the full arsenal back for Daniel Jones, how do you think that will impact him as he continues to grow game to game?
A: Just more options, we can spray the ball everywhere, which makes it tough to cover us. The more options we have, the better off we are, the better team we are. I know we are all excited.

Q: What was it like for you to personally contribute last week? I know it came in a losing effort?
A: I wish I could have done a little bit more to help us win, there were some plays I wish I had back. I had a decent performance personally, but I donít play the game for personal stats, I play the game for the collective effort. Going home having 100 yards in a loss is not that fun. Going home having 30 yards and a win, Iím celebrating with everybody. Thatís just how I am built, Iím on year 10, Iíve done all the stats, I want to win.

Q: With them getting Patrick Peterson back, what do they get on defense that they didnít have under the new system in the games he was out?
A: Iím pretty new to studying these guys, I just kind of started last night. Playing against Patrick in the same division when I was in Seattle, heís a lock down corner. We expect him to follow if needed, his knowledge of the game is strong. He is one of the most athletic humans I have ever been around, he plays hard. You just have to be aware of where he is, he takes the right chances. We are going to try to study up what we know and what we can on him and go out there and execute. The thing you will probably hear me say a lot is itís never about who we are playing or who they have, itís always about how we perform when we pay attention to details and what we do. If we go out there and handle our business, it doesnít matter who we go against. We are just worried about us and putting a good product out there.

Q: Did you volunteer to be Kyler Murray on the scout team?
A: I did, I definitely would, it would be fun. I think we have a good understanding of Kyler.
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