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Wednesday Media Transcript: CB Janoris ďJackrabbitĒ Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/16/2019 3:39 pm
CB Janoris ďJackrabbitĒ Jenkins -- October 16, 2019

Q: What do you see from their offense?
A: Basically, zone read, a lot of in-breaking throws. They try to get him out of the pocket. They try to use his ability the best way they can.

Q: Is this still new to the NFL or have you seen stuff like this?
A: I donít see stuff like this a lot. You know, I played against Russell (Wilson) a couple times in the NFC West when I was with the Rams.

Q: So, kind of similar to what (Seattle Seahawks Head Coach) Pete Carroll and him were doing when he was early in his career?
A: Right.

Q: Is Kyler (Murray) faster than Russell?
A: I donít know, I just know both of them are mobile. Both of them are quick and athletic.

Q: Whoís the fastest quarterback you have ever faced?
A: It has to be Russell. Yeah, it had to be Russell.

Q: You havenít played (Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar) Jackson?
A: I played RG III (Robert Griffin III), but he was kind of iffy. His rookie year he was pretty mobile, but after that he had (inaudible).

Q: Corey Ballentine, a young corner, trying to learn his way. As a veteran, what do you see that heís doing well, how does he need to grow to earn opportunities?
A: Iíve seen him grow since heís been here. As far as watching film, picking my brain, picking ABís (Antoine Bethea) brain. Just staying focused and learning the details of the game. I think heís been tremendous. I just canít wait to see him get out there with us and play. As far as improvement, just the smaller things, just alignment, techniques and stuff like that. But itís nothing too major.

Q: What did you see from Sam Beal the first day back out there?
A: Heís moving well, heís moving good. Thatís a good thing, thatís a positive. Heís getting into the rotation out there. I just wanted to see him work. Today was the first day, I hope he keeps it going and weíre just going to move forward.

Q: Is there a way for him, you, and (DeAndre) Baker to be all on the field at the same time?
A: Yeah, thereís a way for me, Beal, Baker, and Ballentine to be on the same time. We just have to find a way to get them out there. Hopefully we get them out there, but if we donít, weíre going to play within the scheme and keep playing well.

Q: Have you guys talked at all about how youíre still in this in the division, even with how things are going this year?
A: Not really. Itís just one day at a time. Weíre focusing on Wednesday. We hear it, we might bring it up every now and then. But itís just one game at a time, one day at a time and attack the day.

Q: How admirable is what (Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver) Larry Fitzgerald has done with his career? The longevity of the receiver he is and how respected he is.
A: Thatís just him being a pro. He understands the game, he has a great catch radius, heís the go-to guy when the first read is not open. We understand he can make a lot of plays.

Q: Whatís the challenge against the way that Arizona plays on offense?
A: They play tempo, up tempo. Just being able to contain the quarterback, keep them in the pocket, cover his second option and his first option, and just play fast.

Q: What do you see from Kyler Murray when he improvises? How do you defend that and watch for that, especially with his speed?
A: You have to prepare. We need all 11 guys. We know heís very, very mobile, but he also can make a lot of throws, so we have to stay on our game and just be able to plaster when the play breaks down.

Q: What kind of strides have you guys made defensively when you see what you were able to do at times against the Patriots?
A: Weíve made big improvements, but we have to keep working. Last week was last week, but we have to come out and do the same thing this week and start even faster.
If Jackrabbit can maintain a positive attitude  
KeoweeFan : 10/16/2019 6:52 pm : link
(which seemed to have slipped the first two games but has since rebounded) his added value is as a mentor all year to the DB3s (Baker, Ballentine and Beale) who can be the NYG future.

My sense is that Janoris' commitment is a function of his opinion of how well the team is competing; if he thinks there is no hope, he drops out.

With that caveat, I would not consider a trade this season unless the offer was Godfather like.
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