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NFT: StadiumLinks Citi Field

figgy2989 : 10/17/2019 1:28 pm
I know they had this a few times over the years at Citi Field and was curious if anyone has ever done this. My wife got me this as a gift and it looks pretty damn cool.

If anyone has done it, do you just bring a bunch of irons and do they limit the time you would have in each bay?

And before any of Yankees fans decide to chime in, I do see the irony with golf being played at Citi Field the week after the World Series is completed.
StadiumLinks Citi Field - ( New Window )
i did it a few years ago...  
only1eli : 10/17/2019 2:20 pm : link
if i remember correctly, they supplied clubs, and they also supplied one ball per hole, thus limiting your time. my friend snagged an extra bag, so we had a few more, but it does not take all that long to walk around the stadium to complete the "course." it was still really fun.
That seems pretty cool  
Mad Mike : 10/17/2019 2:22 pm : link
They had something like that scheduled for MetLife stadium  
Karl Hungus : 10/17/2019 2:42 pm : link
this past July, but it got postponed indefinitely.
It’s definitely a cool  
McNally's_Nuts : 10/17/2019 2:57 pm : link
experience for sure. Not sure I’d pay for it again but I had fun.

They have clubs for you to hit, but I don’t remember how many balls you have per “hole”.

Bundle up, it gets cold there quick. I had a 4 PM time and by 6 o’clock and many beers during...its cold
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