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Thursday Media Transcript: LB Markus Golden

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/17/2019 4:01 pm
LB Markus Golden -- October 17, 2019

Q: How do you feel going against the Cardinals this week?
A: It makes me excited. Iím excited just to be able to go out there and compete against some of my old teammates. (Arizona Cardinals Offensive Tackle) D.J. Humphries, he plays left tackle, me and him went at it. He went first round and I went second, so weíve been going at it since day one. Itís going to be exciting to get out there and go against him.

Q: Who has the advantage in that match-up on Sunday, and why?
A: Weíll see (laughter). I guess weíll see. Iím ready. Iím not going to talk about who has the advantage. Heís a solid player, he looks great on film. Iím just excited to go out there and go against him.

Q: Are you guys friends, are you guys close?
A: Yeah, thatís my boy. Thatís my guy.

Q: Has there been any communication this week?
A: Not really. We talk a little bit every once in a while, but not this week. Weíll talk a little bit before the game, and then after that weíll be ready for battle.

Q: Youíre used to going against him in practice, but how different will it be facing him in a game?
A: The only thing thatís different is that there are going to be a bunch of fans there and itís going to be a real game this time. Me and him had some crazy battles, tough battles, back and forth. Some days we were about to fight each other (laughter). Iím used to battling against him. Iím excited to get out there and go against him.

Q: Will you talk with him a little bit when you guys get going?
A: Yeah, of course. Youíve got to, because I know heís going to talk some stuff to me. Iíll have a little something to say to him, but not too much. Weíre going to get out there and compete and have a little fun.

Q: Bettch (Defensive Coordinator James Bettcher) was telling us that before the season he sat down and talked with you and said something like, ĎI donít want you to be the same player you were a couple years ago. I want you to be better.í Where are you?
A: Yeah, Iím getting there. Itís hard for me to be like, Ďthis is where Iím at, where Iím going to be.í Iíll let you do that and judge that. Iím just here to work everyday and at the end of the season I can go over everything and then be able to scout myself and judge myself like I do at the end of every year.

Q: Why is the motor always running for you?
A: Thatís just me. Thatís how I play the game. The number one reason I play like that is to win. Itís to win the game. I feel like if youíre not playing like that, youíre not playing to win. I always play to win. Thatís how Iíve got to play.

Q: Are you pleased with how youíve played so far?
A: See, I donít judge it that quick. Iím really an end of the year type of guy. Iím excited, and Iím motivated to keep it going. Yes, I am motivated to keep it going. But pleased? No not at all.

Q: Considering how many times you saw (Arizona Cardinals Running Back) David Johnson in practice, whatís it going to be like to see him on the other side of the line in this game?
A: Itís going to be exciting. Itís going to be exciting anytime you can play against a great player like David Johnson and get out there and compete against him. Me and him are close friends, too, so Iím excited to get out there and compete against him.

Q: What does he bring to the table as a running back?
A: Heís a great running back, can run in-between tackles, runs hard. The crazy thing about it is heís really a great receiver, so thatís what you have to watch. You have to watch him out in the backfield, youíve got to watch him when you line up in the slot. Heís a great receiver, too.
Q: Are you looking forward to chasing Kyler Murray?
A: Yes, Iím looking forward to that. On film he looks really good. He looks like heís hard to sack out there. When you get a guy like that, youíve got to get excited to get out there and run and run them down and get after him. Iím excited. Everybody else is excited, too.

Q: Does he remind you of Russell Wilson?
A: A little bit. I played Russell a lot. He reminds me a little bit of Russell Wilson, but heís probably a little quicker. Heís pretty quick. Heís like a running back back there playing quarterback, so youíre going to have to keep an eye on him and youíre going to have to have a game plan to be able to get after him. Everybody is going to have to work together because heís a solid player.

Q: What made you come to the Giants in the first place?
A: Of course, Bettch was a big part of it. Just knowing Bettch, talking with Kareem (Martin) a lot, and him telling me there was great people up here and everything. So, that played a big part of it. Then, I know the defense and knew the defense a lot. Of course, I had to learn more when I got here. Really that, and then when I came here, I was glad that I made the decision. Iím excited because there are a lot of good people here that are here to help you.

Q: Whenever people talk about you, they talk about the motor and how it just never stops. Did you ever feel that because people always talk about the effort, that maybe they overlook how you can execute and that youíre more than just a guy who plays hard?
A: I never worry about that. If you watch me on the field, you can see that yourself. I never worry about that, but I always knew what it was going to take to get me here, to put me in this position that Iím in today. Itís going to take me playing hard and working hard every day. Thatís what I always did. Iíve played all types of positions and different sports my whole life and I always played like that. I donít worry about what people say out there. I worry about working hard and putting the results out there. Thatís what itís about.

Q: Your effort keeps you here, but I would imagine without technique, who knows where youíd be?
A: I wouldnít be here (laughter).

Q: So, youíve worked on that part of your game?
A: Of course. Youíve got to work on that. If youíre going to play in the NFL, youíve got to have technique. You canít just be out there running around and just playing hard. That doesnít get you anywhere in this league. There are too many great athletes out here. Thatís why I say my numbers and the plays I make speak on my athleticism. As far as making plays, Iím going to play hard. If you want to coin me as the guy that plays hard, then Iím cool with that, too. But Iím going to go out there and do whatever Iíve got to do to help my team win.
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