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Friday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/18/2019 6:02 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- October 18, 2019

Opening Statement: (Corey) Ballentine and (Sterling) Shepard are out. Everybody else should be available. Well see how that goes. Alright, Ill try to answer your questions.

Q: How is it to get Saquon (Barkley) back?
A: Well, well see if he is back. But its always good when you can get a player of his caliber back in the lineup.

Q: Does it change things for Daniel (Jones)? How much easier does it make it?
A: I think it changes things for all of us.

Q: (Saquon) is not on the list, right? Hes not questionable or anything?
A: He practiced all week fully.

Q: You said if hes back. Why wouldnt he be back?
A: Well, he practiced fully. Well just have to wait and see. Hes available, and if hes back, hell be ready to go. I just choose not to tell you right now because well just wait and see. There are a lot of guys that practice. Some of them will play, some of them dont.

Q: To get him and (Evan) Engram back, and (Wayne) Gallman, what does that do for the offense?
A: Back to your last question, when you get some of your frontline guys back in the lineup, it can help.

Q: Other than your decision-making and what you choose to reveal to us, is there anything else that were not aware of that would prevent Saquon from playing on Sunday?
A: No, I dont think so. But well just see. All along here, we let him practice and see how he responds to practice, and hes done a really good job with all of that. Well get him ready to play.

Q: If he is indeed back, if hes there on Sunday, how much are you looking forward to seeing as many of your full complement of skill position players around Daniel for the first time? What will that mean for Daniel?
A: It means a lot to the whole team when you can get some of the guys that started out being starters and main contributors back in the lineup. It can help things. I think that goes without saying.

Q: Is Buck Allen caught up to speed where he could be the one or two running back, whatever is necessary?
A: Hes actually done a really good job this week getting himself ready to play. Hes available, and if he has to go in, I think hell do a good job.

Q: You talked with Mike Eisen about the fine line between being aggressive and being careless with the football. What do you want Daniel to know about that fine line?
A: I think each play stands on its own. I think hes been very aggressive. Hes a very aggressive thrower, and he tries to get the most out of every play. But again, its a fine line. As you go through it and see different situations, you execute route combinations multiple times against multiple defenses, you start to see where the ball should go on time or if it should go to the outlet. I think thats sort of what I was getting at.

Q: Are you saying youre considering holding guys like Saquon and Evan out for long-term health reasons?
A: No. If guys are ready to play, and well determine that, theyll play.

Q: Have they been medically cleared to play?
A: They are, yeah.

Q: I think what were a little confused about is if theyre not on the injury report, what would possibly stop them from playing?
A: These are guys that are coming back from injury. Im going to wait until the end to make sure that theyre ready to play. Thats all.

Q: But theyre not questionable?
A: No, theyre not. So, well see if theyre in there. Thats all. Im not trying to play a game here. Im just choosing not to tell you whos going to be up and whos going to be down.

Q: Its just confusing for us because if a guy possibly cant play because of the injury, he would be on the injury report as questionable or doubtful or whatever.
A: Right. I got you. Dont be confused by it.

Q: How is Sterling Shepard doing? Obviously, hes out. Hows he kind of doing? I know hes still in the (concussion) protocol.
A: Hes doing a good job. He practiced throughout the week, but unfortunately, hes in the protocol. Hes one of those guys that we have no choice. He just cant play yet.

Q: Did you see that full explosion from Saquon and Evan this week? Is there anything that they might not be
A: They practiced well this week. They did a really nice job.

Q: How valuable has the 10 days since the last game been to you? Do you view it that way?
A: I mean, we had 10 days. We tried to use it to the best of our ability in terms of getting guys back healthy and putting a plan together to get ready to play Arizona.

Q: If you were asked this yesterday or the day before, I apologize. Do you know what to expect from Patrick Peterson on Sunday?
A: Well, just based on what hes been as a player, hes kind of a shutdown type corner that has excellent ball skills. When you throw the ball in his area, you have to be real good with it because he has ball skills and he can pick it off. He does a great job of covering.

Q: (Larry) Fitzgerald does most of his work out of the slot. How tough is that? Is that a challenge when a team puts their best receiver in there primarily?
A: It can be. It can be. So, we have to do a really good job of when were matched up one on one, how we cover him and who covers him. Then if were in some type of a zone, everybody has to be certainly aware of where hes at. Yeah, its a challenge.

Q: Where does Tae Davis stand? He was a starter in Week 1 and then a healthy scratch last week. Where is he at?
A: Coming back from injury. Well see if hes up. If he is, we anticipate hell first be obviously involved a lot on special teams. Well see if he gets scrimmage downs.

Q: I know you dont like to look at it past this week, but do you think your guys recognize that if you win this week, obviously one of the teams ahead of you are going to lose, youre sitting right there in the thick of the division race?
A: No. Ill go back to what I said early in the week. We dont do that kind of math. We really dont. I think thats a dangerous thing to do. I dont think thats something that if youre involved in this profession, you dont do that. I encourage our players to stay in the moment, be where your feet are, take care of Friday things and when we play on Sunday, do everything we can to put an effort on the field to beat Arizona. Ill probably give you that answer throughout the season. Good, bad or indifferent, thats how you have to play this thing. Then other people do the math.
My god  
Br00klyn : 10/18/2019 7:57 pm : link
This interview was like an Abbott and Costello routine
just choose not to tell you right now because well just wait and see  
Torrag : 10/19/2019 12:59 am : link
Is Shurmur having a breakdown or something? Coming across like a petulant child. The NY sports media is a bunch of useless shitheads but we were told/sold that he'd learned his lessons in cleveland with how bad he was handling this type of stuff.

He's going to need to pull off a 180 both on and off the field or he'll be out of a job again though I doubt DG will pull the plug on him unless he stumbles out of the gate again in 2020.
I think the media likes to poke and prod Shurmur  
Jimmy Googs : 10/19/2019 8:05 am : link
especially when he gives these gems...
When he is unnecessarily vague  
ron mexico : 10/19/2019 11:11 am : link
The media has no choice but to follow up.

Hopefully his messages to the team arent so cryptic
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