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Defense in 1st quarter, the biggest problem!

edavisiii : 10/20/2019 5:27 pm
I get the complaints about coaching, OL, etc etc. But, are they the biggest issue? Every game we are down at the start of the 2nd quarter and we have to abandon the run which negates our best player, Saquon to an extent. I was at Foxborugh, 13 rows from the pylon. 14 - 0! Today 17-0, The O-Line is under the gun because the other team is ahead, starts pinning there ears back and rushing the passer. We complained about "dump off" Eli but that was what was needed, a quick release. Every game Jones is expected to bring us back and that is too much to ask of a QB in his 4th game. Let's be realistic. He is better than Eli was his 1st year and it is going to take time! I get everyone's narrative but did you really expect us to be good? We had 3 wins 2 years ago and had an OL at the beginning of last year that was the worst I have seen. We are building through he draft and that takes a few years. We are improving the talent on Defense but is still a long way off. Look at our 1st quarters! Dallas, Minnesota, NE and Arizona. Down by multiple scores before we start! Get a lead and let the Offense run the ball and success comes.
maybe we shouldn't be  
Bill in UT : 10/20/2019 5:38 pm : link
starting the game on defense when we win the toss.
broadbandz : 10/20/2019 5:39 pm : link
has a horrible pick that give them good field position. People say the receivers are not getting separation. No one gets separation in this league. Look how Kliff schemed his guys open. And used short passes as a extension of the run offense. This loss is squarely on Pat Shurmur.
Bill in  
edavisiii : 10/20/2019 5:39 pm : link
Sometimes the obvious smacks you in the face. Awesome!
idiotsavant : 10/20/2019 5:56 pm : link
Whom I, as most of us, respect a lot,said on the radio game broadcast, it's not the scheme on D, the front was getting pushed around and D execution.

Our Defense was really, really bad today  
RobCrossRiver56 : 10/20/2019 6:24 pm : link
Banks is right  
NikkiMac : 10/20/2019 6:32 pm : link
This Dline is wayyyyyy overrated Big Dex and Hill were getting pushed around big time with Pierrre and Macintosh useless even worse and the inside linebackers suck
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