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Post-Game Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/20/2019 7:03 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Cardinals) Transcripts: TE Evan Engram -- October 20, 2019

Q: Howís your eye feeling?
A: Itís fine, itís fine.

Q: Why do you think it was such a struggle offensively?
A: Um, just small things that we didnít do. Dropped balls, missed communication, penalties; a lot of things that shot ourselves in the foot that we canít have.

Q: Down the stretch on 3rd and 18, did you know it was two-down territory and you guys called two plays?
A: Um, thatís out of our control, thatís coachís call. We just have to do what we have to do.

Q: Were you surprised that it was 4th and 15 and you went for it?
A: We have to try and win the game; weíre trying to win the ball game.

Q: You talked about drops, you had one down the sideline there. Was it the rain?
A: I have no excuses, just got to have it.

Q: Did you feel right today?
A: Yeah, I was fine.

Q: How do you think Daniel (Jones) handled everything?
A: I mean, itís tough. We have to play better complementary football, for offense, defense, for each other, for the guy next to us, we just have to play better together.

Q: To go down 17-0, was that a shock to you a little bit?
A: Nah, I mean, itís a long football game. We got back in it, we had our chances, we canít really dwell when things donít go our way. We just have to keep attacking. We got back in it; we just didnít finish it.

Q: How do you think (Saquon) Barkley looked in his first game back?
A: He came back and did everything he could, made some big plays. Like I said, we just have to play better together and put everything together as a team. I think he did really well and he came out there and fought his butt off.

Q: What is the most frustrating part of today for you?
A: I have to play better; I have to be better for my team. I put a lot of pressure on myself, thereís no excuses but we have to play better together, and we didnít do that today.

Q: It seems like some of the plays were slow in developing. Do you think weíll see some quicker plays when the quarterback is in trouble?
A: We were out there doing everything we can as a team. We have to play better football on all basis. We were out there doing everything we can.

Q: Their defense has obviously been struggling. For you guys to put 14 points up against this defense today, how unacceptable is that?
A: Very unacceptable. Like I said, we work hard, and we put a lot of work in, but we just have to play better football, man. Some of the small things that we missed on, take those away and we walk out of here with a win. Itís tough, it sucks, but we just have to keep going and get back to work.

Q: How does Daniel (Jones) get out of this rut?
A: Itís a team thing. We get another opportunity next week and another week to prepare. We throw this one in the trash and we just have to bounce back. No dwelling on the past, we just have to keep moving forward. Weíre going to have more opportunities, so weíll take advantage of those.

Q: Just a fluke thing with Chandler Jones that got through to your eye?
A: It was Suggs, he got his hand in there. It took a minute for my vision to come back, but Iíll be fine.

Q: What would be one of the biggest takeaways for this team as you look towards Week Eight?
A: We just have to play better together, itís simple.
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