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Post-Game Transcript: G Kevin Zeitler

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/20/2019 7:20 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Cardinals) Transcripts: G Kevin Zeitler -- October 20, 2019

Q: Öre: allowing eight sacks
A: Obviously, we gotta do a better job. We gotta get things done. You know, no matter who you play, no matter how talented they are, you canít let that happen. We gotta figure out what happened [and] we gotta get moving because, you know, weíre hitting that halfway point in the season, so we gotta start performing.

Q: What were they doing? Were they trying to trick you in moving some guys around?
A: I honestly donít know. Iíll watch the film and weíll definitely know after that. I honestly donít know. I know they have a bunch of guys on that team, a lot of them play well- the talent over there. Obviously, thatís not acceptable, so we gotta figure it out.

Q: On the Cardinals ability to record 8 sacks on the stat sheet todayÖ
A: Obviously we didnít do our job today. The O-Line, whoever else is involved. Passing, catching, whatever it is- you know, it didnít happen, so we put ourselves in terrible situations and we canít do that. You donít win games like that.

Q: How do you avoiding finger pointing and guys blaming one another?
A: We flat-out realize that not one group, not one person is [only] involved. Thereís a lot of different areas affecting each other. So, weíve got to get a lot of cohesiveness going and get everything flowing a little better.

Q: At 2-5, where do you view this team right now?
A: No one wants to be 2-5 right now, but nonetheless, we keep doing good things here and there, so whatever we have to do to do that all the time. We have to keep moving forward and figure out how to get that done.

Q: Was this game was a step backÖ
A: I donít know if itís a step back. It obviously just sucks, straight-up. Thatís as bland and blunt as you can be. It sucked today. Obviously, we moved the ball, I feel like all day, but we didnít get into the end zone or the red zone or whatever. So, we gotta get it done. We gotta finish.

Q: On how unacceptable it is to put up only 14 points on the Cardinalsí defenseÖ
A: We feel like we should never be in a position where we canít score points, you know? It sucks.

Q: What did you think, as an offensive lineman, when you run the ball 3rd and 20-ish and go for it on the next play on 4th and 15?
A: I mean, whatever works. I trust our coaches. (inaudibile)

Q: Are you surprised that you guys were staying out there in that situation?
A: No. I think itís the time of the game where you just have to get it done. You know? Trust the coaches.

Q: When you got a second chance to put together a game-winning drive, did you feel like it was going to be different?
A: We always go out there (inaudible) weíve done it before. Weíve had good two-minute drives this season. So, honestly, if we have a chance with two minutes, we always think we have a chance [to win].

Q: Sequence in the 2nd quarter, where youíre down 17-0, you get the touchdown, you make them return a kick, you get the block. Everything went right in the sequence. Is it that much more maddening when you know youíre capable of playing complementary football?
A: Itís awesome. All the props to the special teams, and the defense stopping them, special teams touchdown right after that. We pushed right back in faster than we thought, even. Itís as simple as that. Boom, boom, boom, weíve got to finish, weíve got to score. We are in good positions to do things, weíve just got to finish it.
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