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Monday Media Transcript: WR Golden Tate

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/21/2019 3:44 pm
WR Golden Tate III -- October 21, 2019

Q: As an offense, how frustrating was it to not be able to move the ball late in the game on those last couple of drives?
A: Yeah, it was. We had two opportunities late in the game there to do something. We just couldnít get anything going, unfortunately. Itís tough. We want to be better, we will be better. We just watched the film and tried to be very, very critical because expectations are very high around hereó especially in our room. I know, just speaking for the receivers, we have to be better.

Q: Have you played with a rookie quarterback before in your career? With Russell (Wilson)?
A: Yeah, I played with Russell (Wilson). It wouldíve been my second or third year, so we both kind of didnít really know what was going on.

Q: Are there certain allowances that you have to accept when you have a rookie quarterback?
A: I think yeah, there are, but itís nothing that you make verbal. You donít want to bring down his standard. You want to teach all young guys the correct way to do things and what the expectations are. But mentally, you know that there are going to be mistakes made, you know there are going to be things that pop up that they are just not familiar with. Iím definitely not going to lower my expectations for DJ (Daniel Jones), and I donít think he is, either.

Q: Have you seen growth from him in the last few games?
A: Yeah, I have. I think heís doing a better job at reading defenses. Itís probably hard to see those because we came off such a tough loss, but just looking at film, you see some growth. You see him doing a lot of good things, making a lot of good plays. There are just a few that we all have to clean up. I think itís pretty easy just to look at DJ and try to blame him for a lot of things. Receivers have to run better routes, backs have to do better, the tight ends have to be better, the offensive line has to be better. I think weíll get this thing going.

Q: Any emotions for you going back to Detroit?
A: I literally just closed the book on last night about eight minutes ago. Iím going to try to keep my emotions where theyíve always been. I donít want to be too high, I donít want to be too low. Itís going to be good to see those guys, but Iím there to do a job. We definitely want to win this one. We have a great opportunity to go on the road and do something special up against a good opponent, despite what the record says. I donít want to make this about me, I just want to go back there and win any way possible.

Q: Is there a feeling in the locker room that the losing has got to end?
A: I can speak for myself, absolutely. I didnít come here to lose, I came here to help get things turned around and help us win a bunch of games. I still believe that we can do that, we just need to be a little bit better. Looking back at that film, I donít think it was as bad as I thought it was. I think there are some things we definitelyÖ one guy does one thing a little bit better, that could be a big play. Looking at it, I donít think weíre light years away from being a really, really, good team. I just think weíre a few plays. Just do a few things a little bit better, and I think weíre in a better situation late in the game.
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