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Wednesday Media Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/23/2019 3:12 pm
TE Evan Engram -- October 23, 2019

Q: Third down has been a big bugaboo, you guys have had too many third and longs, how much emphasis does that put on first and second down?
A: You just have to look at the full picture, everything correlates. How we attack on first and second down puts in jeopardy what happens on third down. Most of the time we shouldnít even be in third down (situations) if we are taking care of our business on first and second down. Itís something we have to keep improving on, something we have to get done on Sundays.

Q: How is the offense as a whole, whether it was the sacks or the turnovers. How are you guys approaching that this week and emphasizing it going into Detroit?
A: There was a lot of mistakes that we put on film this past Sunday. Weíre a real transparent team, weíre real tough on ourselves. We understand there are things we have to fix individually and as a team. We are working on all the bumps and bruises this week and we have to clean them up on Sunday.

Q: Detroit is very physical up front, what are some of the challenges you face there?
A: We have to be physical, too. Thatís the thing, they are real physical, they are good upfield, they are heavy handed. We have to get after them in the run game, we are going to have to work on technique and small things this week and then when Sunday comes around, we are going to have to get physical and compete.

Q: Heavy handed, you sound like McAdoo, thatís a very McAdoo term?
A: Thatís our tight end terminology when we are talking about D-ends or Sam linebackers on the line of scrimmage and what we have to compete with in the running game. That just tells us we have to be good with our details like leverage and hand placement and do everything right to compete with guys.

Q: What do think about the possibility of having all your guys on the field?
A: We have to take it day by day with that, we have to make sure Shep is doing everything he can and the trainers are being smart with him and making sure he is cleared. Either way it goes, we have to get it done. We have a lot of talent on this team, we have a next man up mentality. It will be blessing to have everybody out there and going out there to compete, but we have to go get it done with who we have.

Q: What was the biggest thing you noticed just having Saquon back in there?
A: Definitely his leadership, definitely more involved in the run game. Thatís something that we have to be better at, doing our assignments in the run game so he can get those big runs and he can be the special player that he is. Itís definitely good to have him back, his leadership, his voice as a leader is important to this team. Definitely good to get him back and get him rolling.
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