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Wednesday Media Transcript: LB Markus Golden

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/23/2019 3:13 pm
LB Markus Golden -- October 23, 2019

Q: Whatís your Deone Bucannon scouting report?
A: Heís going to bring it every day, no matter what. Whether itís practice or game day, he is going to be ready, no matter what. He loves to workout, so you are going to catch him in the weight room most of the day.

Q: Today was his first day obviously, did he jump in and know everything because of the familiarity?
A: You will probably have to have to ask him that, I was so focused on what I had to do today I wasnít able to watch him. I know he will be able to jump in, I know he knows the defense, he played in it before. There are a couple things he will have to learn that we changed up, but I know he knows the basics. Whatever he has to do to learn the rest, I know he will do it.

Q: How much does it help that he played safety and linebacker for Coach Bettcher, kind of figuring out both of those roles?
A: Really (helps) because he can cover, and he can play the run like a real linebacker. I feel like Buc brings an intensity, he will be able to fly around. Whether itís in coverage and in the run game, he will be able to get in there and make plays too.

Q: Is it starting to feel like Cardinals East?
A: Yeah, I guess so. Iím glad to have him and have him here as a Giant and Iím ready to roll with him. I know what he is going to bring every day, so Iím excited to have him out there with me.

Q: How quickly did you adjust to Bettcherís defense, Cardinals versus here?
A: For outside linebackers, itís pretty quick, whether you are going to be setting the edge or you are going to be dropping or rushing the passer. My job was pretty much the same in the defense, a couple things I had to learn. It wasnít as hard as having to be an inside linebacker.

Q: What is the key to the pass rush against Matthew Stafford?
A: Really just getting after him. Of course, rushing together and getting after him. Heís a great quarterback, he has a big time arm, so you are going to have the opportunity to get after him, and you have to be able to take advantage of it. When itís time to rush him, make sure you get after him.

Q: Whatís been the key to the pass rush this season?
A: Working together, first of all. You have to work together if you are going to rush the passer. You have to give guys the credit, working together and after that just doing your job, getting after it no matter what. Pass rush is a week to week league, you have to be able to come with it every week and I feel like guys have been doing that no matter what, whether in practice and then bringing that over to the game or just in the meeting room going over pass rushing routines and what we are going to do. We are just staying on it and really focusing in on it, just have to keep it up.

Q: What makes Matthew Stafford so dangerous?
A: His arm, he has a big-time arm, he is one of the best throwers in the league. He can throw the ball real far and has confidence to throw the ball far. I have a lot of respect for Matt Stafford. I have played him a couple times, so Iím looking forward to competing against him because he is a great competitor.

Q: Too many times this team has been trying to play uphill coming from behind, how important is it that you guys get a lead for a change and play from ahead?
A: Thatís always important. Anytime you can get out there and get a lead or just come out flying around, moving fast or get the game started fast, itís big for the team because it means (thereís) a lot of energy, a lot of confidence. Of course, you want to start fast, and thatís what we have been trying to focus on.

Q: Especially on the road?
A: Yes, especially on the road. Thatís big time, itís real big, even bigger on the road. Today in practice, the first time we were in as a defense , thatís the first thing we said, start fast, fly around. We are trying to make sure we harp on it in practice and when game day comes, it will be even easier to get out there and just start fast.
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