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Thursday Media Transcript: S Jabrill Peppers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/24/2019 4:05 pm
S Jabrill Peppers -- October 24, 2019

Q: What do you see in the Lions? (Matthew) Stafford has long been one of the best deep throwers in the league. Then they have several good receivers. What do you see in them?
A: Tough matchup, but like I say every week, weíre always ready for it. We know they like to go deep. They have phenomenal concepts and they have guys that can make good plays on the ball. We know we have our work cut out for us, and weíre attacking it head on.

Q: What do you expect from their run game? They lost their running back.
A: Next man up. I know they have Ty (Johnson). 41 (J.D. McKissic) used to be a receiver, so Iím sure weíre going to see a lot of him as well. They just activated Paul (Perkins), who we know very well.

Q: Does it change the dynamic though? Everyone is a different runner, right?
A: Yeah, but I donít think so, as far as their scheme and what they like to do. Kerryon (Johnson) is a good back, but those guys are good backs also. Weíre just going to have to wait and see.

Q: When a guy scores four touchdowns like (Marvin) Jones did last week, does that get your attention when youíre the next opponent?
A: Absolutely. You look at what he did, how did he get those touchdowns, where was he at. Itís a lot of variables that go into it. But you just break down the film, see what they like to do, see what they do well and try to take those things away.

Q: How much do you think Matt Stafford has left?
A: I think he has a lot left.

Q: What do you see from him on film?
A: I played against him a couple years ago. He dices up pretty nice. I know Iím definitely coming into that game with a different mindset because I played against him. His surrounding cast has gotten a lot better. The guys have matured around him. He has some pieces now. The acquisition of the tight end (T.J. Hockenson) has helped him a lot. We know we definitely have our work cut out with Matt. They didnít give him all of that money for no reason.

Q: How good is that tight end?
A: Heís pretty good.

Q: Obviously, heís a rookie. ButÖ
A: Yeah, heís pretty good though. Iím definitely taking that matchup personally. Anybody whoís a good tight end, I like to take that matchup personally.

Q: Where is this defense at in your estimation? Youíre pretty much at the midway point of the season. You obviously have a lot of young guys in there, but where is the progression?
A: Weíre progressing. It might not look pretty all of the time, but I definitely think weíre trending in the right direction. Like I said, we just have to clean up some of those small details because in a game, those things get exploited. The wrong step here, now youíre out of your phase. One wrong step, now youíre reached or youíre late on a throw and instead of an interception or a PBU (pass breakup), itís a catch and tackle. Just things like that. But thereís a lot of football left to be played. Weíre going to keep attacking it and keep attacking it.

Q: How will (Deone) Bucannonís arrival impact your role on game days? Heís kind of the hybrid moneybacker that you were playing sometimes when they brought in another safety. Will it change what you do?
A: I donít think so. I actually think itíll be beneficial. Thatís another versatile guy who can play down in the box, can drop back into coverage and is fast. Especially in this league, you need guys who can be fast sideline-to-sideline, and also cover running backs who have receiver tendencies now, or these tight ends who have receiver tendencies now. Itís all beneficial. You can never have too many guys like that.

Q: Yeah, I was saying maybe you stay more at safety.
A: I guess we have to wait and see, baby.

Q: Not a lot of linebackers in the league who you weigh more than. I think heís 211, youíre 215.
A: Yeah, I guess. I guess you can say that. Iím not 215, but I donít know. I play like it.

Q: Any significance for you going back to Michigan?
A: Itís always nice going back to Michigan. Iím excited. I get to see friends out there. I know guys coming to the game. Their crowd is always a little friendlier towards me, even though Iím always on the opposing side of the ball. Thatís always nice.

Q: You played offense, you played defense at different levels. Have you ever heard the term, thereís a lot of debate over this now. Have you heard Ďghostsí used the way Sam Darnold used it, like as extra defenders coming unprotected?
A: Iím not sure what youíre referring to.

Q: Like Ďseeing ghostsí? You havenít heard that term?
A: I donít even understand the question.

Q: Stafford likes to throw the ball deep and create opportunities. Do you look at it as an opportunity for you guys also to get the ball?
A: Absolutely. Every time a guy puts the ball in the air, on defense, two things can go your way. Only one can go their way. An interception or an incompletion, or they catch the ball. Thereís always room to make plays on the ball if people are putting it in the air a lot. But you have to be disciplined, you have to match up the routes efficiently and you have to get pressure on him and force some errant throws.
Gotta love these so called journalists asking NYG  
Chris684 : 10/24/2019 4:11 pm : link
players about the Sam Darnold "ghosts" comment.

That has less than nothing to do with this team and yet these so called professionals waste their time with nonsense.
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