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Friday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/25/2019 6:24 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- October 25, 2019

Opening Statement: We have two guys out, (Corey) Ballentine and (Sterling) Shepard. The rest of the guys are available and Saquon (Barkley) will play.

Q: Is Sterling continuing to make progress?
A: Yeah, he is. Heís had a really good week. Heís in the (concussion) protocol. Unfortunately, itís just an element of time.

Q: I canít help but notice a certain change in your injury disclosure this week. Why so much different than a week ago?
A: Well, last week he (Saquon) was coming back from injury. We were being cautious and smart about it all the way up until the game. We were just more deliberate about it. Now that he has played and weíve seen how a week applies to a game, Iím pretty confident in saying heís playing. I think itís fair to say weíre always cautious with guys that are coming back from injury. I didnít think it was that big a deal. But he is playing.

Q: How did Saquon respond this week coming off of soreness and all that?
A: I just said it. I think he had a good week of practice, and so heís ready to go.

Q: You always say, like during training camp when you had to cut the roster down, you always say you hope your guys make it to another team, you want to see your guys on another roster. When you see guys that were with you that are doing well, whether itís Romeo Okwara or, you didnít actually have him but Devon Kennard was a free agent here when you first got here. Is there any hindsight of, ĎOh, I wish we kept that guyí kind of thing?
A: It is true. If a guy leaves our building, we want him to go have success somewhere else. The Lions are very fortunate. They have some ex-Giants that are really good football players. I think that happens all around the league. It just so happens weíre playing the Lions this week.

Q: You obviously know first-hand about Snacks (Damon Harrison) and what he can do in the front of a defense. What kind of challenges does that present you guys now that you have to go against him? Is there anything to be gained by having seen it on a daily basis?
A: I donít know what you gain by knowing that heís really good at stopping the run, other than heís still doing it that way. Heís hard to move in there, as we all know. I think heís played really well. He showed a lot of toughness last week. He was out of the game, I think, for like 16 plays, and then came back and finished. Heís playing really well for them. Iím certain heís a very valued member of their front seven.

Q: Do you expect this to be the loudest, or second-loudest, place you guys have played at this year? I know Dallas was really loud, but as confined as it is there (at Ford Field), itís smaller than Dallas.
A: I played there many times, and it is loud. Itís a loud venue. We always plan for noise when we go on the road. But youíre absolutely correct. This is a very loud place. They have great fans in Detroit. They love their team, and Iím sure theyíll be loud.

Q: How did Sam Beal look this week?
A: Good. He had a good week. He pushed through it. He had a lot of work because he did some, really all, scout team work. But he did the special teams. He did probably as much as heís done since training camp, and it appears like he handled it pretty well.

Q: Physically, no limitations for him right now?
A: No. He was running around fine. Again, with him, itís a matter of time and the rules with designated to come back, and so weíll just see where that goes.

Q: Did you think about practicing inside with noise this week? Iím sorry, I couldnít hear the question earlier if thatís what it was.
A: Because it was loud?

Q: Yeah and the planes.
A: The planes help with the noise, as we all know. We always have crowd noise. You could hear theÖ Well, unfortunately, youíre not here for practice. But when we play on the road, we crank the music up loud enough that it really is a distraction. Thatís pretty standard operating procedure. When we go on the road, we crank the noise for the offense. Actually when weíre at home, we crank the noise when the defense practices so that they get the true picture of what it would sound like. Unfortunately, thatís a good question because youíre not out here to see all that. I try to stay outside. In terms of the dome or inside, I try to stay outside on the grass as much as possible. Iíve always felt itís sort of better on their legs.

Q: You talked earlier in the week about getting (Deone) Bucannon up to speed so that he could be involved on Sunday. Do you anticipate that?
A: Yeah, heíll be active. Heíll be involved. He did a good job this week. Again, there was some familiarity with our system and I think he handled his workload really well.
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