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Monday Media Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/28/2019 3:23 pm
QB Daniel Jones Conference Call -- October 28, 2019

Q: As a rookie going through this for the first time, the trade deadline coming up, reports of guys coming and going, things like that, is this an eye-opening experience for a guy like you who is just trying to figure it all out and play as best as he can, seeing players possibly leaving and coming—the anxiety of a trade deadline for the first time?
A: It’s different, it’s certainly first year in the NFL where this kind of stuff happens. It’s certainly different and we’ve had a tough year, our team has changed from week to week a little bit and that’s part of it. So, we’ve got to focus on what we’re doing and focus on our jobs.

Q: Coming off of yesterday, when you watched the film this morning, is there anything that stands out that you liked from your game as to what you did yesterday?
A: I think we consistently moved the ball, and like I said after the game yesterday, that’s something that we know we can do and that we’ve had a lot of confidence in doing, so yeah, I thought we moved the ball well. Obviously, there were some critical points where we didn’t, we stalled out, and obviously that’s what we’ve got to fix, but in terms of just consistently moving the ball down the field and executing our stuff, I thought we did better.

Q: What did you think your role was in the players only meeting? You’re still a rookie, but you’re the quarterback of this team—how did you approach this and what did you take out of this meeting?
A: We’re going to keep all that kind of stuff between us as players. I think there’s a certain sense of urgency in the building, but in terms of that stuff, we’re going to keep that in-house.

Q: Did you feel that meeting was necessary?
A: Again, like I said, we certainly feel a sense of urgency and I think guys are coming in to work, determined to get it right, but in terms of how that went, we’re going to keep that in-house.

Q: You mentioned there’s a sense of urgency, so how do you balance that sense of urgency with not pressing, which can also lead to mistakes and the breakdowns?
A: I think maybe the sense of urgency is in our preparation, is in depending on how we attack this week or this opportunity to prepare to get ready to play. So, on the field, certainly we’re always going to play with the same aggression and the same trying to take advantage of opportunities, but the sense of urgency I’m referring to is more just in our preparation and how we attack the process this week to get ready to play Dallas.

Q: When you run a gadget play like you did with the flea flicker and it works and then is negated by a penalty, is that more frustrating than maybe just a straight running play that has to come back because of all the time you invested in setting that play up and waiting for the right time to spring it?
A: I think any explosive play that somehow is called back is disappointing, but I’m not sure you can say it was more disappointing than any other play because we’re trying to execute, trying to move the ball down the field. We had a few of those yesterday, opportunities where—and there’s also plays we didn’t make—any time there’s a chance for an explosive play and we don’t capitalize on it, that’s disappointing. So, there were plenty of those yesterday, I certainly need to be better there and there are certain cases where other guys could have, too. But yeah, I think any explosive play that you somehow don’t capitalize on is disappointing.

Q: How do you keep your head up at this point, in the sense that you look at the record and it says 2-6, you’ve got half a season to go, and your chances of making the playoffs are slim? How do you keep going?
A: I think we’re focused on what we’re doing this week. We’re focused on what we’re doing today, and that’s kind of the mindset we’re going to take throughout the week, focusing on the day, focusing on the task at hand, and preparing as well as we possibly can for this opportunity. I think guys share that same focus, I think we certainly came to work ready to fix things today, and I think we’ll take that approach the whole week preparing to play Dallas.
I like Jones  
jvm52106 : 10/28/2019 4:16 pm : link
and really hope he is the answer long term. He handles this stuff, even as a rookie, quite well.
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