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Monday Media Transcript: LB Alec Ogletree

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/28/2019 3:25 pm
LB Alec Ogletree Conference Call -- October 28, 2019

Q: What happened at the meeting today, and did you get what you wanted out of it?
A: Iíll just leave it at, the players wanted to have our meeting and we had our meeting and accomplished what we wanted to get done.

Q: Do you feel like everybody is together now?
A: Weíve always been together. Itís only us that go out there on the field and play together, so itís just a matter of making sure everybody is still communicating, still on the same page, and trying to fix the problems.

Q: There are reports out there that the Giants are getting Leonard Williams in a trade from the Jets to add to the defensive line. What do you know about Leonard Williams and what do you think of bringing him into your team?
A: I havenít heard anything or saw any of the reports or anything, so Iím not sure of whatís going to happen or whatís what. If we do add him, he can come in and help us out and helps us win games.

Q: A question on the defense and the mistakes and issues that have been popping up. Do you see a trend, are they different types of mistakes? When you look at the film, what exactly do you see is keeping you guys from playing at the level you think youíre capable of?
A: Just being consistent in everything that we do. We do a lot of good stuff, for sure. But, doing good stuffÖ not winning football, youíre not going to be a great defense, youíre not going to be as good as we can be. Itís just about being consistent and doing those things that are right and doing your job every single time and not having those mistakes.

Q: Does that come down to fundamentals? Is it a mental error thatís coming in on your scheme? What do you think is behind it?
A: Itís just one of those things, like I said, we just arenít being consistent. Not getting to the right landmark, not being on the right guy that weíre supposed to be on, some stuff like that. You have to be consistent. I donít think itís a problem of guys knowing what to do, itís just not doing it every single time.

Q: You saw what the front office did around this time last year, and obviously they have made some moves within the last couple of days. How confident are you that youíll be a Giant on Wednesday?
A: As of a right now, I am still a Giant. Iím going to stand by it. I havenít heard anything different. Like I said, Iím a Giant today and Iím just thankful for the opportunity to be here now.

Q: How do you think that situation sits in the locker room? Do guys talk about it, do they look around and say it could be me thatís heading out the door?
A: Itís kind of one of those things, itís just a part of how this league works. Thatís the business side of the organization and the NFL. You come in, you put in your work, and you just hope for the best. Like I said, some stuff you canít control, some stuff is out of your control. You can only control what you can control. While youíre thereó work, give your all to the guys in the locker room, and get your work done.

Q: How did you think Bucannon did fitting in with the defense?
A: I thought he did well. He made a few plays out there for us, heís coming along. Heís definitely been a good football player for us and has been a good football player throughout the league. To have him, I thought he showed up really well for us in the plays he did come in and play.
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