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Thursday Media Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/31/2019 3:20 pm
QB Daniel Jones -- October 31, 2019

Q: Shurmur just said he would say no if ESPN asked to put a mic on anybody on Monday. Will you wear a mic if ESPN asks you?
A: I donít think so, no. I donít think Iíd wear a mic.

Q: Have you ever worn a mic before?
A: No, I havenít.

Q: Not at Duke?
A: No.

Q: Why would you not want to do it?
A: I donít know, I feel like Iíd rather just be thinking about the game, thinking about what I need to do and communicate with my teammates normally.

Q: Did you see what happened with Sam (Darnold) and the ghost comment?
A: I did, yeah.

Q: What did you think of that?
A: I think itís a tough situation there for him to be in. Obviously, (itís) in the heat of the game. Iíd rather not be micíd up in that situation. Itís tough for him and I feel for him.

Q: Does that contribute to your reluctance to be micíd up?
A: I donít think in any situation or before that that Iíd want to be micíd up either.

Q: Did you and Pat (Shurmur) talk about that at all or did this just come up now?
A: It just kind of came up. We havenít talked about it a whole lot.

Q: What did you get out of losing to Detroit, and out of the game last Sunday?
A: It was a tough loss, obviously. Weíve got to find a way to win those games. I said after the game, I think weíve known throughout the year we can move the ball, we can score points. We have a lot of confidence in that. We just need to be able to do it in the big moments, we need to be able to do it when we have the chance to take the lead or something like that. I think, as far as our confidence, how we feel as an offense, I think weíve been pretty steady in that and weíll remain confident. I think weíve known we can move the ball, itís just about converting those opportunities.

Q: This will be the first game all year you guys will have Sterling (Shepard), Saquon (Barkley) (and) Golden (Tate III) on the field at the same time. What do you think thatíll do for the offense and for you?
A: I think itíll help us. Those are all really good players. When you put them all together thereís a lot of different things that we can do, a lot of different ways to attack. I think the guys who stepped in have played well throughout the season. But yeah, getting Shep (Sterling Shepard) back this week will help.

Q: Does the short period you were on the field against Dallas in the season opener help at all in preparing?
A: Yeah, maybe just a little bit of experience against those guys. I think just being able to watch that game, the second time we play them, the second time weíll run our offense against what they do, itís helpful to be able to see that and learn from it.

Q: Are you getting used to this, the weekly press conferences, the attention and things like that?
A: I think so. It doesnít change a whole lot in the week, I have to speak a couple times. But yeah, I think Iím getting used to it.

Q: Week to week, whatís the development been like? Everybody keeps talking about the game slowing down, is that the experience youíre having right now?
A: I think so. I mean at times Iíll feel more comfortable with some things, then there are those other things that Iím still working through and other things that Iím still trying to learn. I think to say itís all slowing down this soon for me, Iím aware Iím still trying to learn a whole lot and trying to pick it up as quickly as I can.

Q: Getting back to the Cowboys for a little bit, we always talk about how everything is new for a rookie quarterback, but this is finally something that isnít. Youíve already prepared for this team and played a handful of snaps against them--does that help? Is that a benefit to you in this game?
A: Yeah, I think so. Like you said, just seeing our stuff, our offense against them and kind of how we match up and what certain looks look like against them. I think all that stuff helps in being able to prepare the second time against a team.

Q: This is also your first start against this particular divisional opponent. As a quarterback, this is a team youíre going to be facing twice a year for however many years--do you think about that in terms of starting off this rivalry that is going to become with the Cowboys defense?
A: I donít know if I necessarily think of it that way, but it is a rivalry, these two teams. Itís a divisional game, itís an important game, itís a big game, and I realize that thereís a rivalry element to the two teams playing, just in that theyíve been in the division and played for a long time. So, Iím excited to be part of that, and yeah, I think I realize itís a big game.

Q: DeMarcus Lawrence kind of likes talking about the Giants quarterbacks, do you know anything about that?
A: No, I heard I guess he said something today, but Iím not worried a whole lot about that.

Q: He said youíre like the next Eli (Manning)ówhat do you make of that?
A: Well, I appreciate that. Itís nice of him to say.

Q: Do you expect to hear from him a lot during the game? I donít know if Eliís said anything to you about that part of it, but he does a lot of talking about Eli before the games, I donít know how much he gets in his ear during the games.
A: I havenít asked Eli about that, Eli didnít say anything. Iím excited to play, like I said, itís a divisional game, itís a big game, so Iím excited to get out there.

Q: How much is he a guy that you have to keep your eye on specifically? Heís obviously their top pass rusher, a big guy.
A: Heís a good player. Theyíre good up front, theyíve got a good pass rush, so I think weíll have a good plan for it and going in weíre confident in being able to handle that. So, I think heís a good player, they have good players up front, but I think weíll have a good plan and weíll be ready to go.

Q: Have you noticed pass rushers try to get in your head when they knock you down or anything, try to give you the rookie treatment at all, that kind of stuff?
A: Not too much, really. It happens, but not too much.

Q: This might be the week.
A: Could be, thatís part of the game. But yeah, Iím excited.

Q: Maybe theyíll have him micíd up (laughter).
A: Maybe.

Q: I would go with him over you if I was choosing (laughter).
A: Probably a lot more content.

Q: So, if we show up at the house this afternoon do you have anything good for us?
A: I need some candy, I donít have any candy yet. So, I donít know if someone comes knocking on the door, but Iíll get some candy on the way home.

Q: Did somebody already ask you how you ended up as Woody?
A: Yeah, it was the costume with the least pieces to it, so thatís the one I chose.
By my count 8 actual questions  
Big Blue '56 : 10/31/2019 4:23 pm : link
on wearing a mic or not
Hard hitting interview there  
HomerJones45 : 10/31/2019 4:26 pm : link
best thing about these pieces is that some writer is getting paid to write these puffball pieces and is therefore not on welfare.
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 10/31/2019 6:50 pm : link
This implies he will play. Is he out of the concussion protocol?
Marinelli has owned us since MacAdoo  
Giantz_comeback : 10/31/2019 7:11 pm : link
I think Shurm struggles bigtime vs the better DCs. I expect tough sledding even with everyone back on offense. I hope Barkley busts a couple big ones or we finally use him better in the passing game like the Pat's use theirs backs or GB has shown us with Jones.
Can the reporters hear themselves speak?  
CT Charlie : 11/2/2019 10:41 am : link
Most middle schoolers could ask better questions -- and get better answers.
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