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Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Thomas McGaughey

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/1/2019 3:15 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Thomas McGaughey -- November 1, 2019

Q: Any consistent mistakes Aldrick (Rosas) is making?
A: Not really. Itís just, he has to get into a rhythm. Itís kind of hard when you donít have a lot of attempts. Weíre talking about six field goal attempts. Itís just getting in that game rhythm. We all, as a group, are kind of struggling with our rhythm, practiced a little bit, but itís getting better. Weíve made some breakthroughs this week as far as our rhythm and cadence and everything with our snap, our holder, and our kicker. It will work itself out, it always does.

Q: The Lions obviously had success with short kickoffs and I think thatís something they do all the timeÖ
A: Yeah, they do that all of the time.

Q: Why donít more teams do that? It does seem like it can work to your advantage.
A: Thatís a good question. I think itís more of a philosophy. In order to do that, you have to spend time at it and I donít know if people are willing to dedicate time to it, or resources to it. In order to hang a kick up, you better have some people that can cover the kicks. Again, organizationally, itís just their philosophy and how they see it.

Q: What do you need to do to be more successful against that?
A: Youíve got to execute. Itís extremely important to time it and to space it for kickoff returns, especially for what we do, is extremely important. So, anytime the timing and the spacing is compromised, itís where you get in trouble. You want to be able to hit the creases at full speed, and if youíre hesitant or thereís too much space or thereís not enough space, all of the timing gets thrown off. Again, that part, the execution part of it, has to be there.

Q: If Corey (Ballentine) is eligible to play, do you throw him right back there as a kickoff returner?
A: I mean, heís an option. Weíve got options back there with Cody Latimer, Darius (Slayton), weíve got options. I donít know if Iíll put him back there, but heís been practicing at itó heís done a good job at it. He was one of the better kickoff returners in the league before he got hurt. Weíll figure it out. By the end of the week, weíll figure out who will be back there.

Q: As a player coming off a concussion, is that a variable in making that decision?
A: Yeah, anytime you have a guy coming off a concussion, for myself as a special teams coach, Iím always kind of leery about it. Itís from player to player. Each guy is different in how they react to the concussions. For me as a coach, I am very cautious in my approach of putting them out there.

Q: Youíve talked a lot how Darius doesnít have a lot of experience. Is it something where maybe itís just hard to do in season or can he still be in that mix?
A: Itís a hard skill. Donít get me wrong. Situation dictates some things, and the situation dictated that he needed to be back there. He just needs to get more experience, needs to get more reps, and heís a young player, he will.

Q: You did put Cody (Latimer) in for a while, I wonder now that Darius has a bigger role on offense is that maybe an option?
A: Could be. Itís just, again, each week is different. Itís all situational and each week is different. As we move forward, we just have to address each situation as they come.

Q: Is (Dallas Cowboys Kicker Brett) Maher one of the better long-distance kickers in the league?
A: Yeah, he has a very strong leg. Anytime youíve hit over three, four or whatever it is, over 60 yards, and not just indoorsó he did one right across the street over here (at MetLife Stadium). Heís pretty talented, he has a big, strong leg. Heís got some skills, for sure.

Q: How big of a deal do you view the lefty punters?
A: Itís always something that youíre conscious of. Itís a different spin of the ball. We had Ryan Anderson here all through the offseason and during training camp, so our guys got used to catching the lefty punter. We got a kid in this week that is punting to us. Itís always something that youíre conscious of.
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