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Post-Game Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/5/2019 12:51 am
NYG Postgame (vs. Cowboys) Transcript: TE Evan Engram -- November 4, 2019

Q: Why did this game get so chippy? There were quite a few scuffles, were they talking trash?
A: No; The hit on DJ out of bounds, just protecting our quarterback, backing him up. (Inaudible), Will, O-Line trying to play nasty, trying to be physical and it happens sometimes. We just gotta be smart with it.

Q: Golden Tate was talking about some of the knuckle-headed things that did you guys in tonight, that you kind of struggled with. At what point does a young team get past that?
A: You got to stop making those mistakes. Some turnovers, had some execution mishaps. Got to fix them. We can say that we have to fix them, but at the end of the day, itís got to get done.

Q: Whatís happening to the team in the red zone. You got down there 5 times Ö
A: Yeah, weíve got to score. Weíve got to score. Like I said, small things. Got to get them done.

Q: On the one play to you that the coaches challenged, what did you feel?
A: I mean, it happened so fast on my end, but when I saw the video, he definitely got there before the ball. It was the right move by coach challenging it. I think it wasÖ I thought it was one that can get reversed, butÖ. Whatever.

Q: Is it getting frustrated not getting these calls reversed when itís obvious?
A: Yeah, I mean itís frustrating, yeah. There are ones that are kind of questionable, but they are the ones that are obvious, like that one. But, thatís out of our control and Ö got to live with it.

Q: Why canít this group close out these types of games?
A: Really no excuses. Got to play better, both sides of the ball. Got to play a full football game and weíre not doing that.

Q: Is next week, against a 1-7 Jets team that just lost to the Dolphins a ďcanít loseĒ game?
A: Every game is a ďcanít loseĒ game.

Q: I know you havenít looked at the tape, but why do you think you guys had so much trouble in the red zone tonight- just 1 of 5?
A: Small things. Execution. Staying on blocks. Making contested catches. The small things we didnít do that left a lot of points off the board.

Q: How much is losing wearing on you?
A: Itís tough. Itís tough, but itís adversity. All my life Iíve been taught not to back down from it, to keep fighting, and thereís going to be adversity all throughout life. So, Iím built to keep fighting, I think this team is built to keep fighting. I think we just got to keep working and keep chipping.
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