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Post-Game Transcript: S Michael Thomas

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/5/2019 1:37 am
NYG Postgame (vs. Cowboys) Transcripts: S Michael Thomas -- November 4, 2019

Q: You have the Jets, who are rivals and also scuffling for a win, next week. How big does that make the game, the local rivalry, one of the two teams is going to be looked at as the worst team in New York kind of deal, or best team in New York kind of deal?
A: The good thing about this Monday night game is itís a short week, so we do get to play another game real quick. Like you said, itís against the Jets, hometown team. Put this one behind us real quick and just try to go get this win.

Q: How bad do you need it though, for the mental state of this team?
A: For everyoneÖ For everyone in this organization at the facility, the players, coaches, front office, everybodyÖ We need it, and weíre going to find a way to get it.

Q: It seems like, walking into this locker room tonight, it might be more deflated than I remember seeing it. Guys seem a little more defeated than maybe in the past. Was there something more defeating about this particular game and how it went down?
A: No, just the fact that guys came out there, we fought real hard and then it just seemed like at the end, it kind of came loose. You know what Iím saying? It just kind of came loose, so thatís frustrating. But we canít fold. Never quit. We canít fold. But itís tough.

Q: The same thing happened in New England, too. You guys put together a good half, three quarters, and then the wheels kind of fall off.
A: We just have to find a way to finish. Right now, young team, but there are no excuses. Young team, guys making mistakes, some big plays toward the end. Have to find a way to finish and not make those same mistakes. Itís growing pains, but weíre going to get it.

Q: What happened with the (Amari) Cooper touchdown?
A: I donít undressÖ Itís personal. I donít undress teammates, I donít undress plays. But we just have some young mistakes right now.

Q: Was it a miscommunication?
A: Just have some young mistakes right now. We have to learn. Once we, as a team, get rid of those young mistakes that are happening, the growing pains, weíll be fine. Weíll be playing winning football. Thatís it.
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