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Wednesday Media Transcript: WR Golden Tate

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/6/2019 3:08 pm
WR Golden Tate III -- November 6, 2019

Q: If the game doesnít go your way, itís six in a row, youíre 2-8. If you lose to the Jets, do you think some changes will be made around here?
A: That goes through my head every year, because the recipe to staying in the locker room is winning. When youíre losing, somethingís got to change, you donít know who itís going to be. So, I think about it. I love this locker room, I love the personnel, I love our coaches, but ultimately weíre all here to produce wins.

Q: You mentioned you havenít been around for when Saquon has walked off the field as a winner, at least not without crutches. There are some key players here who havenít tasted that feeling yet.
A: Yeah, itís something that I wasnít expecting to experience. Here we are, we are what we are. Iím focused on this week, I think weíre all focused on this week. I think weíre all excited to get back out there, get this bad taste out of our mouth. Today was more of a mental day, but weíre going to continue to work hard, prepare ourselves, and one thing I want to do personally is kind of be more fundamentally sound this week, just do my job the best I possibly can and see what happens.

Q: The Giants and Jets are both in the same boat, both teams are just so incredibly hungry for a victory. Every team wants to win every week, but the desperation that both teams must have right now is kind of unique.
A: Yeah, I can only speak for us, but we want to get this thing back on track. Like I said a lot of the last few weeks, I feel like we do have a good team. We have great personnel. I donít know if you guys can get a sense for this locker room, but we donít seem down and depressed, I donít feel like weíve tanked, despite our record. I think weíre still hungry to win and I think we still feel like we have a shot to do something special. Weíve just got to get it going, and itís going to start with us.

Q: How much of that is knowing that most of the games, against the Patriots and even last week, you were close, you just kind of let it slip away at the end? How much of that is kind of consolation, if you will, to say that ďHey, weíre close, but not there yet?Ē
A: Iím a believer that we look at all the good things we do each week and we praise the guys and say, ďHey, good job. We want more of that.Ē The things that we donít do so well, I think we need to be very, very critical and accountable and make sure those things donít happen next week and the week after that. So, hold onto the good and get rid of the bad and I think weíre fine. Weíve just got to be a more consistent team.

Q: Away from the Giants and Jets, when you hear Shep (Sterling Shepard) has gone into the concussion protocol again, is that scary?
A: Yes, itís very scary. One, we know the game of football, this organization, his teammates are very, very important to him, and he is one of the ultimate competitors in the NFL. Itís very unfortunate that heís still dealing with the concussion, but thatís something you do not want to play with. You can kind of wing an ankle or other injuries, but when it comes to your brain, you only have one of those, and the picture outside of football is way more important, I think. We obviously want him out there, but I think itís important that he makes sure the timing is right, if it is right, that he comes back and he is completely healed. Me being married and having a family, thatís kind of the most important thing in my life and itís more important for me to remember my childís childhood than to force myself to play right here and now. So, we want him to understand that we support him, weíre praying for him, and we want him to make sure that heís right. Whether it be this week, not anymore this season, next year, whenever it is, weíre going to support him.

Q: I know you canít speak for him, but as a competitor, as an athlete, some people will kind of fool themselves. They say even if the body breaks down, itís not time to go. So, how do you kind of balance that? Speaking for yourself, like when the time comes, will you say, ďMy body just canít do it, but I still want to do it?Ē How do you make that decision?
A: Thatís something very, very tough to cope with, and as a guy who feels like I have a bunch more years in me, I donít know how to answer that question, and thatís what makes it tough. As a competitor, I feel like it is very, very hard to ever say that I canít play. I could imagine me being 45 or 50 and feeling like, ĎHey, I could still go out there and be effective.í This situation is a little bit different with his brain. Itís not really his body, itís his brain. But I donít know. I think weíre just going to all gather around him, support him, let him know that we love him, we miss him, but youíve got to take care of yourself right now. All these other things you can kind of play through, but not when it comes to your head and your neck.

Q: Back to the game, what do you expect from your first Jets-Giants matchup?
A: Hopefully a win, first and foremost. I donít know, you guys kind of have to put me on game on what to expect. Iím assuming itís a pretty intense rivalry when it happens. The battle of MetLife, I guess. Weíre just going to go out there and try to win the game.
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